Tess Healy, Day 7

I was able to buy some nuts (in bulk section) a bag of corn chips on sale, a big thing of yogurt on special and some 50% reduced baked goods – day old. I am aiming for bulk – what fills me up. I am taking a ton of creamers and sugars in the coffee (free) in the places I am going. I want all the things I can’t buy – even things I wouldn’t even want ordinarily but suddenly raspberry ginger cookies sound amazing. Last day: I have 2 dollars left…. Read More

Tess Healy, Day 6

I know a lot of the emotional swings I am having is due to my diabetes. Normally I manage it with diet and exercise but the limitations on diet, and the lack of energy and will to exercise are exacerbating the problems. I have to travel today and all the money I have not spent will hopefully help me be able to survive a road trip. My go to food is a single bun from the bakery (27c) and a banana (31c). We ate “banana sandwiches” when I was a little girl,… Read More

Tess Healy, Day 5

Too tired and getting depressed, very weepy so I don’t have a diary for day 4. I have had a couple of occasions (one yesterday and one today) where food has been supplied at a meeting, and at these meetings I have overeaten, eaten things I don’t even like and taken food away with me. My embarrassment that people would think me greedy did not last long. I was too hungry to care. I even went into the kitchen and begged for a coffee before the meeting started and before the coffee… Read More

Tess Healy, Day 3

All I seem to think about is food. And I feel crabby and irritable. Why does my partner put dishes away higgledy-piggledy? All the freaking time! That is not me and do I ever really care about how dishes are stacked? No. I am becoming someone I don’t like much. I was going to go to the food bank but my partner said that would be taking food from people who really needed it and to find out what the food bank was giving and she would be my food bank and… Read More

Tess Healy, Day 2

I have yet to spend any money on food. I am afraid to spend it. Once it is gone, it is gone. I am a very honest person, growing up in England, if we found a sixpence on the street we had to put it in the poor box in church. We were the poor so I could never understand why we didn’t just keep it. I know now that the very public depositing of the money declared we were not poor (even though we were) and that claiming that pride meant… Read More

Tess Healy, Day 1

It is four hours into day one and I wish I had thought more about this challenge and how to do it before accepting it. I seem consumed with fear right now that I won’t be able to do it right. My overwhelming thought, though, is how do people cope on $3 a day for food? I haven’t eaten anything yet because what I would normally eat would blow the day’s budget. My capacity to stop in to Tim Horton’s for a coffee and bagel because I am running late and need… Read More

Tess (Theresa) Healy

Photo of Tess Healy

I live in Prince George BC. I work for Northern Health in the Population Health program and I also teach at UNBC. I am taking the challenge because I used to live on welfare and remember the shame and challenges that accompanied it. Yet, it is a support system, designed to help us when we are in trouble and look where I got to because the system was there for me. Regarding fears and worries taking the challenge: I have to travel a lot and worry about how I will be able… Read More