Tanja Cvekic, Day 5

From https://twitter.com/TanjaCvekic Had to quit #welfarefoodchallenge over wknd. Not enough nutrients, felt weak & hungry. @RaisetheRates #bcpoverty Living off $21/week healthily = hours of planning groceries & meals. Even so, not likely. #welfarefoodchallenge #bcpoverty @RaisetheRates

Tanja Cvekic, Day 1

Cranky without coffee, but doesn’t fit $21/week welfare food budget. #welfarefoodchallenge #bcpoverty Felt food envy @ lunch seeing what others ate & comparing to my (tasty but small) chickpea-apple salad. #welfarefoodchallenge #bcpoverty Limit on my food budget made me food obsessed today. Without food security how can you think about anything else? #bcpoverty @RaisetheRates

Tanja Cvekic

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I am an elementary school teacher and the current chair of the Vancouver Elementary School Teachers ‘ Association Anti-Poverty Committee. I immigrated to Vancouver with my family in 1995. My reasons for taking this challenge are to increase awareness about poverty issues in BC, to remind myself how fortunate I am in my life and to spark conversations with colleagues and the community around the state of social programs in BC. https://twitter.com/TanjaCvekic