Update from Princess Margaret Student

Hi! I’m from the Community Leadership team from Princess Margaret Secondary School. I participated in the Welfare Food Challenge and made it one week spending only $ 26 on food.

Day 5

Hello, my name is Aisha, I’m in grade 11 at Princess Margaret Secondary. Our Leadership teachers and a group of students are doing the Welfare challenge. I’m sorry I didn’t send this sooner but i really didn’t feel like doing anything when the challenge started.

Participant bio – Princess Margaret Secondary School in Surrey, BC

Students and teachers in the Community Leadership Class are taking the challenge! Names: Back Row: Afnan Niseng, Baldeep Sahota, Aaaqil Hassan, Bhuvan Sharma, Murad Ahmed-Mangi, Priya Sharma Front Row: Hussan Bhullar, Ms. Carolyn Bell (teacher), Ms. Fernanda Luvisotto (teacher), Gabrielle Chan, Hannah Generoso, Aisha Mohhammed