Day 6

I thought I would run out of food on or before day 6 and I did. This is a little of what I learned on the challenge: Despite being resourceful, creative in the kitchen, and having low caloric needs relative to most people (I’m petite), trying to feed yourself on $26/week sucks.

Day 4

I’m getting sick of being hungry. I’m hungry an hour after I eat! I think it’s because on $26 you don’t get to buy much in the way of protein. I also didn’t have money left over for the usual kinds of snack that I would eat between meals like yogurt or fresh fruit.

Day 2

I was at a lunch potluck today with some fabulous women I work with. A number of them are superb cooks and I always enjoy the food that they share with me. I explained why I was turning down their offers of samosas, pancit, chicken empanadas, banana bread, tiramisu, sticky rice…you get the idea. It took a whack of self discipline!

Participant bio – Lou Black

Name: Lou Black Live: East Vancouver. About me: I have a strong and loving relationship with food and I’m a great cook. I love cycling, cross country skiing, and being outside generally. I work at the Hospital Employees Union (HEU) as a Researcher and Policy Analyst. I also volunteer with Raise the Rates.