Katelyn Siggelkow, Day 6

Happy Welfare Wednesday – the end of living on 3$ a day for 7 days is in sight! I enter into day 6 of the welfare challenge feeling pretty optimistic. I just restocked on groceries and still have $3 to spare! I have a lot of tofu left and a couple of eggs for protein. I’m currently making some squash soup and applesauce, I’m pretty sick of eating apples. So don’t worry mom and dad and all other concerned parties, I’m not starving. The turning point was day 3. I no longer… Read More

Katelyn Siggelkow

Photo of Katelyn Siggelkow

I recently moved to the downtown eastside of Vancouver to learn from and experience the values, strengths and needs of this unique, diverse neighbourhood. I have been inspired by my many new friends here who live meaningful lives on a meagre welfare budget. I embarked on this challenge in solidarity with these friends and neighbours. To better understand their struggle, and to advocate for raising the welfare rates, I have committed to living on 3$ a day for 7 days. Here are the bogs I have written so far about my experience:… Read More

Katelyn Siggelkow, Day 2

Living on $3/day for 7 days When I am barred from the freedom of consuming food every moment, every moment is consumed by food. It rules me in a way I hate to admit. Now, I find myself dwelling on how hungry and irritable I am, on this persistent headache that I am still denying is a result of caffeine withdrawal, on scheming when I can get me next meal, and scheming hacks that are still within the bounds of the rules of this challenge. My latest idea is if I buy… Read More

Katelyn Siggelkow, Day 1

Returning home from a family trip to Ontario late on Thursday evening, I was greeted by a neighbour who had come over with his son to welcome me home and gift us with a “last supper”. Confused at the doom in his voice as he served these last words like a life-sentence, I looked to my roommates for an explanation. They laughed nervously, hesitant to break the news that starting the next morning, we’d be embarking on the Welfare Food Challenge. For the next seven days, we’d have a budget of 21$… Read More