Kate Kysow, Day 7

THE LAST day! Wow, this challenge has gone by so fast it’s crazy!  Last meal you ask?  Oatmeal of course 🙂 Today, was one of the more stressful ones with work & school & hunger all getting mixed up in a slightly too stressful combination, but at least the day is done!  Tomorrow, I get to buy coffee and meet other people on the challenge, which is super exciting. Things that I’ve learnt or experienced on the challenge: losing weight feeling anxious trying to budget in a supermarket & not being sure… Read More

Kate Kysow, Day 4

Making banana pancakes Today, I got creative with the food I have left. In the morning, I made banana pancakes with 2 eggs & 1 banana and topped them with brown sugar and then for dinner, I made fried rice and baked some potatoes in the oven. It was pretty tasty, apart from lacking in sauces/spices. I’m realizing the only reason I’m able to succeed at this challenge is become I have a kitchen! If it weren’t for the microwave/stove/oven/fridge, I’m really not sure what I’d eat, but it definitely wouldn’t be… Read More

Kate Kysow, Day 3

An Apple treat

The last $2.50 Today, I went to Young Brothers market with my remaining $2.50. I knew I wanted 3 sweet potatoes and 3 more bananas, but had no idea how much that would cost. All the prices are per pound, but that doesn’t really mean anything to me. I gingerly went to the counter with my 6 items and hoped they wouldn’t cost more than $2.50. Luckily, they didn’t! I even had enough to buy 3 carrots, 1 onion, and as a “treat” 1 apple. I was so excited I walked out… Read More

Kate Kysow, Day2

Headaches kicking in Made it to Day 2 and was excited for breakfast! I had a microwave mug cake of oats, banana, an egg, and brown sugar. It was good…but lacking in coffee. I didn’t think coffee was such a part of my routine, but with two days and not having any, I miss it a lot! There’s something about standing in line at a café and getting a nice, warm cup of coffee that really brightens up a typical day. It makes me sad to think people on welfare don’t get… Read More

Kate Kysow, Day 1

photo of Kate Kysow's 2014 welfare food challenge shopping

Budget shopping at the grocery store! Day 1 has kicked off for the 3rd Annual Welfare Food Challenge! This morning I woke up and went to my local No Frills as I thought they would be the best place for cheap-ish food. Before starting to choose items, I walked through the aisles looking at how much everything cost. I must have looked like a lost puppy because every time I met someone they gave me a look like ‘are you okay, honey?’ Anyways, once I started to shop I actually felt optimistic!… Read More

Kate Kysow

Photo of Kate Kysow

I’m a 5th year Psychology student at UBC. I heard about this challenge through my TA, Chelsea, in an Intro to Social Welfare course. The reason I am doing this challenge is because I want people on Income Assistance to feel more included and looked after in our society. Learning about the barriers facing those on Income Assistance has really shocked me and I want to do my part in advocating for higher rates and a non-stigmatizing view of social welfare. I’m quite nervous to start this challenge, but am excited about… Read More