Kate Hoffard, Day 7

Day 7 – after a week on $21, I think many things have changed: my perspective, my diet, and my spending. It’s too easy to forget about about those who need help, those who we see lining up for the food bank, or those people on the street we push from our minds. Remember how many young children and families are on social assistance, and how many use the food bank. $21 is not enough money to healthily, to feed our bodies and our minds. When you’re hungry, it’s so hard to… Read More

Kate Hoffard, Day 6

Day 6 was a challenge because it was a busy day, and I was so hungry by the time I got home; it was hard to wait 45 minutes to make my lentils while my tummy grumbled. The challenge with a small budget and minimal time is that it’s easier and certainly cheaper to eat Kraft Dinner instead of brown rice and lentils. It seems unfair for those on social assistance to not be able eat a healthy diet, and survive on ramen noodles, especially when they already have enough challenges. My… Read More

Kate Hoffard, Day 5

Day 5 – hungry and slow today, but the best news is I’ve realized I’ll have enough food for the week! I’ll have enough lentils and apples. For breakfast was apple cinnamon oatmeal (again), and leftovers from last night for lunch (brown rice, lentils, and spinach). I had some peanuts for a snack – forgot to take a picture. Dinner was caramelized onions and cabbage, and a lentil dahl with cilantro and garlic. As an explanation, I’m taking 3rd Annual #WelfareFoodChallenge, from Oct 16-22, organized by @raisetherates2014 to raise welfare rates; BC’s… Read More

Kate Hoffard, Day 4

Day 4 – today I was hungry and had headaches, which I think were because of my low blood sugar. It was tough too because I attended a birthday party with lots of yummy snacks and delicious looking cake. Wanted to cheat, but didn’t. The will is strong but I’m feeling weak and hungry. For breakfast, more apple cinnamon oatmeal (monotony has set in). Lunch was more falafel with an apple relish, followed by a snack of hot milky tea and peanuts. For dinner, the last of the falafel with a pilaf… Read More

Kate Hoffard, Day 3

Day 3 marked the reintroduction of tea into my life, and it was such a blessing. I had a tiny pinch of loose-leaf tea with with apple cinnamon oatmeal at breakfast (forgot to take a photo before I dug in, hence the half eaten bowl). I saved the small amount for a second cup of tea after lunch; much weaker, and not my usual practice, but it was tea all the same. This week is about compromise. Lunch was a spice-roasted warm chickpea and apple salad with cilantro. For dinner, I got… Read More

Kate Hoffard, Day 2

Day 2 went fairly well – I think I’m getting into a rhythm. I had the same breakfast as yesterday, apple cinnamon oatmeal. Lunch was leftover rice and chickpea pilaf with cilantro. My snack was also the same – an apple and some peanuts. For dinner, I made a caramelized onion and cabbage soup with chickpeas. I’m out this evening, drinking only water. I’d love a glass of wine, but that will have to wait for next week. There’s no room for indulgences on $21. As an explanation, I’m taking 3rd Annual… Read More

Kate Hoffard, Day 1

Starting today, I will be participating in the 3rd Annual Welfare Food Challenge, organized by Raise the Rates. Raise the Rates is a coalition of community groups and organizations concerned with the level of poverty and homelessness in British Columbia, calling on government to raise welfare rates; rates in BC have been stagnant for more than 7 years. The challenge runs for 7 days from Thursday, October 16 to Wednesday, October 22, 2014. During that week, participants will only eat the food they can buy with $21 dollars. Why $21? Total monthly… Read More