Day 3

I am in the midst of caffeine withdrawal and its raining cats and dogs. I have been eating oatmeal everyday for breakfast (which I normally do anyway) however, I have none of the trimmings (cinnamon/nutmeg/nuts/raisins ect…) that make oatmeal yummy and a joy to eat. I skipped lunch because I had errands to run and it completely slipped my mind to pack a lunch. 

Participant bio – June Sanders

Name: June Sanders Live: Vancouver, BC. About myself: I am an outreach worker and student. Soon I will be a high school teacher Why doing the Welfare Food Challenge: Everyday, I witness the short and long term effects of a grossly ineffective system of wealth redistribution that serves to perpetuate (rather than improve) the social and economic lives of so many in our community . I am joining this challenge because I want to raise awareness of what it means to rely on provincial benefits to meet ones basic needs in the City of Vancouver. 26$… Read More