Day 7

OK last day – I’ve brewed my last tea bag – there’s just a smidgeon of oatmeal left after today’s porridge and the milk’s gone. There is lentil soup for lunch with our peanut butter sandwiches, and the last slice of apple (I didn’t have any yesterday).

Day 6

Today we have to boost morale, because we both will have a very busy and physically demanding afternoon. We start with sourdough pancakes. This is a first for us. I must say that the dough smells very  yeasty – the closest to beer that we’ve come in a week!

Day 5

Continuing on with conservation measures, I dialed down dinner just a tad. 1. The spinach soufflé has 3 eggs in it, not 4 2. I am holding back a corner of the diminishing frozen block of spinach

Day 4

I took our last 80 cents and bought 1.2 of the smallest cabbage I’ve seen in a long time. We really needed something green besides the spinach which is going to run out soon.

Day 3

I’m feeling a bit better today, maybe getting used to a lot less caffeine and a lot more carbs and fat than usual.

Day 2

This is our splurge day – roast chicken. I would have saved it for later in the week, but the strategy involves using every bit of the chicken up over time.

Making more with less

Breakfast: orange punch (usually we have OJ) diluted 6:1 instead of 3:1. This gives the impression of citrus and retains some degree of normalcy. Oatmeal with milk. Tea (more about this later).


My game plan was to buy really good deals at a veggie stand, then hit the grocery stores after catching the fliers. Here is the initial produce purchase which came to $5.40 for Derek & I.

Participant bio – Ginny and Derek Wilson

Derek and I live in Port Moody. We are both retired from careers in education (Ginny) and transportation project management (Derek). Ginny’s interests are permaculture and community gardens where I have 2 plots. I aspire to being a subsistence organic farmer. Derek’s interests are peak oil and climate change.