Latkes! And lessons learned

So last night I made potato latkes. Yum!! For those of you out there with no bubbe, let me tell you about them: I learned to make them years ago, when I worked in a Jewish deli. They’re a delicious combination of grated potatoes and onion, bound together with an egg and a bit of flour.

Grim pickin’s

Another day has passed and so has much of my food. Still have lots of rice and oatmeal, but only one carrot left, 2 potatoes, 2 onions, an apple, two bananas and four eggs. I have a fair amount of milk, left, too – I’ve only been using it for my morning oatmeal.

Beans, beans, the musical fruit…

Day three has come and gone, and HERE’S an unanticipated outcome of the Food Challenge! I’m an omnivore, and eat a lot of beans and rice throughout the year, in part ’cause the fellah I live with is Mexican. We eat red beans and rice, refried black beans, as well as chicken, pork and even just beans in various molé sauces.

Day 2 comes and goes – with a Math Update!

So let’s start with the lessons I’ve learned so far – The first is: Don’t do math after ten at night!  I was calculating how many Canada’s Food Guide Servings, and thought that 7 X 7 = 35 for some reason – So  now I’m a bit more worried about  my nutrition. I’m supposed to be getting 49 servings of vegetables and fruits, and 49 servings of grains.

Participant bio – Gerry Kasten

Name: Gerry Kasten Live: East Vancouver About myself: I Love food! I was a cook for 10 years before I became a dietitian, and am working as a Registered Dietitian for Vancouver Coastal Health and also for the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch at Health Canada. I also teach cooking at UBC.

Grocery shopping

So it’s done – I went shopping and got my food! I did most of my shopping for grains in the bulk section, so I could buy exactly the amount I needed. I got brown basmati rice (I really can’t stand the boring flavour of plain ol’ brown rice.)