Day 4

No pictures for the blog today.  Too tired and irritable.  It’s actually quite stressful having to portion out food and trying to think about how to stretch it so I don’t run out.  I can’t imagine having to do this with all the other household expenses like toilet paper and shampoo.  I can’t imagine doing this all the time.  

Day 2

I really wish I could have afforded peanut butter…and ketchup.  My sweet tooth is threatening a mutiny.  Day 2 of hard boiled eggs for breakfast with an apple later on. This was lunch:

Participant bio – Edina Shaw

Name: Edina Shaw Live: North Vancouver About myself: I am a student in the Community Social Service Worker Program at Douglas College and a Part-Time Office Assistant. Why you are taking the Challenge: I am taking the Challenge because I think it is an important issue. I grew up in a single parent family and have always been amazed at how hard my mom worked and sacrificed to give me the opportunities I have now.

Day 1

Started a day later than everyone else because I decided to do this last minute and between work and school, definitely didn’t have enough time to plan. Went grocery shopping. Spent ridiculously long amounts of time in each aisle using my cell phone calculator trying to stay in budget. Hoped to keep $2 left over for later.