Once a vegetarian, always a vegetarian

I’m making some potato and onion soup, second time this week, using stock from the potatoes and bok choy I had last night for dinner. I brought some potatoes and choy to a friend’s place for dinner – she made lasange, caesar salad, a fruit crumble with ice cream.

Words make me hungry

Earl Grey tea is really bugging me. Just hearing the words, this morning when my partner and child were having breakfast, was sheer torture. I think that was actually the hardest thing I endured on Wednesday, the first full day: going without any coffee or tea.

Putting a human face on poverty: Interview #1

This week as part of my welfare food challenge I’m talking to people from my community who’ve lived in poverty. The first is a woman I’ve known for a number of years: we conducted our interview over facebook.

Hungry, almost cheated right away

I started my challenge today at noon, when some of us met at Buy-Low at Kingsway and 10th. After talking to fellow challengers, people living on welfare, and the organizers, and some media, I went into the grocery store to get some apples ($3.99) and a bag of oatmeal ($3).

Grocery shopping for the Challenge

Today after going for a swim at Hillcrest pool I cycled up to Little India to buy some groceries, figuring I should be able to find healthy, affordable food there. I bought a 2 lb bag of lentils for $4.99 and a 2 lb. bag of rice for $3.99. 3 limes at 6 for a dollar (so 50cents), a carrot for 16 cents, an eggplant for 99 cents, three potatoes for 69 cents, and a Serrano chili pepper for 4 cents.

Participant bio – Clint Burnham

Name: Clint Burnham Live: Mount Pleasant, Vancouver About myself: I am an English professor at SFU and a poet and writer. I have been involved in social justice and DTES advocacy work since the late 1990s, including a number of years working with the Humanities 101 program when I was at UBC (1998-2003).