The last day blahs

As you may have noticed, those of us who were posting regularly at the start of the challenge have slowed to a trickle the last few days. I think many of my fellow participants are experiencing the same things as me – lethargy, trouble thinking clearly, and lack of motivation to post about our boring meals. 

Today I bought a coffee

Oops. Now I have .45 cents left in my budget. I had planned to use my remaining $2.67 to replenish my supply of vegetables, but all this denial of the little indulgences I’m used to having has made me irrational.


Today was another big cooking day for me. I spent at least two hours preparing lunch and dinner, but I will be able to have leftovers from both of those meals tomorrow. One item I have in excess is oil. I wanted oil for salad dressing, and the smallest bottle I could find is 500 ml.

2nd day, same as the first

Today I had the leftover of what I cooked yesterday – oatmeal for breakfast, crappy salad for lunch, and mung beans and rice for dinner. I’ve been eating my meals later than usual so I won’t be hungry in the evening, but by the time I had dinner today I was starving and shaky. And grumpy, I’m told. 

Caffeine withdrawal

I think this will be the theme for many participants today. I did ok. Oatmeal for breakfast, brown rice and mung bean kitcheree with garlic and bok choy for lunch, a few almonds this afternoon.

Ready to start

Well, I’ve gotten everything on my list and I have $2.67 left to spend later in the week. I’ll be having oatmeal with soy milk for breakfast, and beans, rice and veggies for lunch and dinner, occasionally swapping in potato instead of rice.

The Challenge starts on Tuesday!

Momentum is building for the Welfare Food Challenge’s launch on Tuesday. 58 participants have formally signed up for the Challenge, and many more are doing it informally. And it’s not too late to sign up! More posts will be coming soon as our participants share their experiences with grocery shopping and getting ready for the Challenge. I (Andrina) am going to try the vegan approach for the week – beans and rice!

Participant bio – Andrina Perry

Name: Andrina Perry Live: I recently moved to Victoria from Vancouver. About myself: I am Raise the Rates’ volunteer webmaster. I am currently doing contract work in the non-profit sector and am also a yoga instructor.