Welfare Food Challenge – An Appetite for Change

The Welfare Food Challenge just ended.  I was one of many who took the Challenge and spent $26 on food for the week, which represents what people may have left after they spend their $610 monthly income assistance on other necessities. For many participants, the initial grocery shopping trip provoked feelings of panic and anxiety when they quickly realized how few foods would fit into their budget. Other side effects included Social isolation – Meals with family and friends or meetings at the coffee shop were not an option. Trying to guard… Read More

Madelaine Parent: $26

750 mL milk 1 carton large, white eggs 1 loaf whole wheat bread 1 bag dried kidney beans 1 bag red lentils 1 bag parboiled rice 1 large can diced tomatoes 1 bag frozen peas 3 tomatoes 1 bunch broccoli 4 large carrots 5 apples 2 pears 1 zucchini 1 medium piece ginger 1 lemon 4 tbsp chicken stock 250 g peanut butter 5 tbsp coffee

Sarah Nattrass: $21

Some money left for later in the week. 1 carton eggs 2 bananas 4 apples 2 packages of instant noodles 1 jumbo bag of spinach 1 bag of rice 1 jumbo bag of kidney beans 1 bag of oats 1 can lentils 1 package of frozen vegetables 1 package of frozen chicken pasta

Karen Barnaby’s Ingredients & Menu for a week

Karen kindly shared with Raise the Rates a typical menu for her week’s food. She estimates the cost of the materials at about $50 a week. However this menu requires a fridge to store food for several weeks, and equipment to make homemade sausage, yogurt sauerkraut and pesto. Most people on welfare are unlikely to have this equipment and many on welfare do not even have a fridge or a hotplate to cook anything. All meals were prepared at home except for Sunday dinner, ate out. Hummous is the only item I… Read More

A Week’s Basic Healthy Shopping: $62.86

This is based on Health Canada’s Food Basket, advice from Deititians of Canada and what was on sale. Purchased at East End Co-op, St Barbara, SuperValue and Elizabeth Bakery Note this does not include salt, pepper, coffee or tea. Never mind a treat like chocolate, sugar or wine. 2% Milk 2 litres Yogurt 750 gms Cheese 140 gms Eggs, Large 6 eggs Ground beef 325 gms Chicken legs 410 gms Can tuna 170 gms Can pink salmon 150 gms Peanut butter 500 gms Baked beans 398 ml Margarine 454 gms Vegetable oil… Read More

Katie Paluk and Partner: $51.32 for 2 people

Eggs 1 dozen 3.32 Parsnips 3 small 0.87 Carrots 5lb 3.06 Broccoli 2 crowns 3.32 Yams 2 small 0.67 Apples 4 lbs 4.16 Banana 6 2.28 Potatoes 3 lbs 1.54 Onions 2 large 0.38 Chickpeas 1 can 1.05 Tomatoes 2 can 2.52 Rolled oats 1 kg 3.27 Brown Rice 500 gm 3.89 Whole wheat pasta 700 gm 3.14 Brown sugar 2.85 Chicken 1 10.00 Wholemilk 1 gal 5.00

Media Coverage

Before Startof the Challenge Co-op radio, Union Made, CKKQ The Q FM 100.3 Victoria The Wolf 97 FM CJCI, Prince George CITR FM 101.9, UBC radio AM 1150 Kelowna CHNL radio in Kamloops Courier http://www.vancourier.com/welfare-food-challenge-starts-wednesday-1.655867 Since the Launch Good Life Vancouver: http://goodlifevancouver.com/three-dietitians-take-welfare-food-challenge/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=three-dietitians-take-welfare-food-challenge Vancouver Sun, print: http://www.vancouversun.com/health/Volunteers+will+live+welfare+diet+week/9044917/story.html Vancouver Sun, video: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Video+Pushing+higher+welfare+rates/9044871/story.html The Wolf 840 AM, 100 Mile