Jenna Drabble, Day 7,

It is the last day of the challenge and a few things have been on my mind today. First of all, I am relieved for it to be over and glad that tomorrow I will be able to eat more interesting and varied foods (going to take some time away from beans and rice probably). I am looking forward to enjoying my meals, instead of feeling bored or stressed out by the thought of cooking. I have a few meetings and other commitments this week so I’ll be out of the house… Read More

Kylie Pawluk and family, Day 7

We just ended our last day of the welfare food challenge. It was a busy stressful week, my daughter and I both got colds and I have been busy with work on top of trying to organize our food each day. The last few days were pretty un eventful, we have basically eating along my meal plan, with the exception of our one family dinner we attended… Other wise we ate the food bought for the challenge, and there’s not much left, an apple, bit of rice and some carrots. My conclusion… Read More

Kathy Romses, Day 7

On the last meal of the Challenge, I chose to opt out and join colleagues at a restaurant. I shared my experiences, enjoyed my colleague’s company, savoured delicious, healthy dishes and counted my many blessings. There were many lessons learned along the way including the social isolation that results from living on a very limited income. Now it is time for me to start taking the necessary steps to make changes to end poverty in BC. The October 23 issue of the North Shore Outlook included an article, “North Shore Dietitian Battles… Read More