Kathy Romses, Day 5

My daughter and her friend came over last night. He is 7’3” and weighs 320 pounds. I’m sure he would have run out of food after a couple of days. The welfare rate doesn’t change if you are a large person, have celiac disease or many other health issues that affect your ability to buy the food you need to be a healthy and productive citizen. I had some frozen samosas, homemade granola, and pulled pork to give my daughter to take with her to University. People living on welfare would not… Read More

Sarah Carten, Day 5

So I was back at the grocery store again today, aiming to spend my last $3.19.  It’s disconcerting to have such a firm cut-off point for cash.  Craving nothing in particular for a mere $3, I decided to first comb the aisles to get a sense of what was available at that price point.  As I wandered the store, I found many foods both healthy and not healthy for $3.19, but for the most part nothing enticed. I decided on fresh produce and picked out a zucchini that I weighed to find… Read More

Maddi Parent, Day 5

Well, I’m proud to say I made it a whole 4 days on the welfare challenge without succumbing to temptation. But day 5 was another story. Today I caved decided to spend last remaining $1.70 of my $26 dollars on a small treat for myself. Based on the common theme in these blog posts, you can probably guess what it was. Yes. A delicious, steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee. Earlier today, I met up with my UBC group members at a local café and simply couldn’t stand the sight of them… Read More