Marjorie MacDonald, Days 3 and 4

I did not get the opportunity to blog this weekend because I have been sick. The only good thing about that was that I wasn’t hungry, which made it a bit easier to cope. On Friday, however (day 3), I thought a lot about how challenging it is to eat a healthy diet on such a low income. Although I have been able to include some fruits and vegetables, but the most nutritious foods seem to be out of my price range. There is no way to eat “organic” and if you… Read More

Melaine and Jawad, Day 4

Oh the Compromise I think our first two blogs gave you an idea of the compromise that occurred between Jawad and I, but as we sat down to our processed pasta lunch today, it really hit me just how much we are compromising. Having to eat on such a limited budget means that I am compromising my values, my knowledge and even my identity (that’s right my identity, look up food and identity and you’ll get what I mean). Case and point is the awful pasta sauce we had for lunch. I… Read More

Kylie Pawluk and Family, Day 4

So day 4 was a Saturday, we all got up and again, had our oatmeal (which I’m getting rather sick of and my husband has complained about since day 2..). The diet is very repetitive, the only real way to make it work is making large batches of things to eat on for days like soup and chilly. I headed off to work unprepared, grabbing an apple and my water bottle as I left. Sadly for me I was starving before noon. Back at home everyone else ate the rest of the chicken soup… Read More

Kathy Romses, Day 4

Some of this is for day 3 because I wrote my blog in the morning yesterday so that I could spend some time with my daughter and husband. I picked up my daughter from the ferry on Friday afternoon. She has a friend arriving from Prince George in the evening and I would like to meet him. Normally I would invite them over for a meal but I don’t have enough food to share so I suggested they drop by for their choice of cold or hot water. She laughed and said… Read More

Jenna Drabble, Day 4

I must start with a reluctant admission: I cheated (twice). I was really intent on playing by the rules but yesterday, after walking for hours and coming home exhausted and chilled, I decided to roast some potatoes in the oven (about as close as I’m getting to comfort food). I realized that this would be difficult without a dash of olive oil, so that was my first cheat. Let me tell you, those potatoes were delicious. I basically shoved them all into my mouth at the same time. It was something about… Read More

Rachel, Day 4

I ended the challenge on Day 4. Here are some thoughts you can post on the welfare challenge blog: Day 4- I confess I ended the challenge at dinner on Day 4. I ended early for many reasons but the biggest one was my mood. After eating rice and dahl, peas and pasta, peanut butter and toast for four days, I was feeling sluggish and like the world was a dreary place. I ate the last of my two carrots with peanut butter and thought to myself “I still have three more days… Read More