Margaret Marquardt, Day 3

My food supply is lentils, rice, onions, bread, margarine, cottage cheese, a can of pineapple and milk. Each of us took the challenge to spend only $26.00 for food for the week. I did put money aside for coffee that I brew at home, and I am really glad I did. (I usually have a couple of cups a day). I know that I would have had a headache all week if I didn’t. Also, along with a two pieces of toast a day, I have the coffee to look forward to…. Read More

Sarah Carten, Day 3

After eggs and rice for breakfast, I picked up three new ingredients to help balance out my meal plan for the remaining 5 days.  A box of Garam masala for flavour ($1.50), a bag of carrots as my versatile veggie ($1.89), and peanut butter ($3.89).  I chose the cheapest peanut butter I could find, which of course meant sugar and trans fats were added.  This was yet another reminder of how often someone living on low income would have to compromise the nutritional quality of the food they eat. I’ve thought a… Read More

Jawad Qureshy, Day 3

Breakfastless in Burnaby So I was running a bit behind in the morning and decided to skip the oatmeal preparation for breakfast. Instead of a hot breakfast, I took with me 5 granola bars – thinking I could stagger them over the course of my day until either I gave out or they. I didn’t think at the time of course, that this would be too much of a problem. I work odd hours and will often skip a mid-afternoon lunch. As I was going to get off work at 3pm anyway… Read More

Denise Swanson, Day 3

My vantage point – more aptly called ADvantage point – makes it seem highly unfair to compare me – briefly attempting to live off a $3.72 daily food budget – with those on welfare who have countless disadvantages. I have a car. I work only part-time (freeing time and energy to do these endless budgeting calculations). I have a spacious, warm house with all the amenities most people take for granted, such as private full bathroom, where I can soak quietly in the tub to de-compress, any time I like. More importantly,… Read More

Kathy Romes, Day 3

This video made me realize how close any one of us can be to hunger.  Here’s another story in the North Shore Outlook, North Shore’s Invisible Homeless Crisis of how a health issue resulted in an older couple becoming homeless. These stories brought me back to a time when I was a single parent with 3 children. I was at UBC working on my masters to become a dietitian. My Mom got cancer during this time and I spent as much time as possible with her trying to help care… Read More