Maddi Parent, Day 2

To describe my 2nd day on the Welfare Food Challenge, the one word I would have to use is…frustrating. As a student I never truly realized how dependent I am on little treats to keep me going throughout my study day. As I sat in the library studying for a midterm this evening, about every 20 minutes a little floating image of a cookie or a coffee drink would  pop up into my head I would have a moment of intense excitement just before having the crushing realization that my sweet tooth… Read More

Marjorie MacDonald, Day 2

Keen to stay on track today, I started the day with a shopping trip – choosing the grocery store that I know is generally cheaper (but the vegetables are not as nice) than the others. I bought some mixed beans and oxo cubes to make soup, a small bag of black beans, a small bag of brown rice, a bag of mottled applies on the discount shelf, two onions, a bunch of spinach, a small bag of skim milk powder, a loaf of whole wheat bread (the cheap kind), a dozen eggs… Read More

Sarah Carten, Day 2

After seeing yesterday that my lentils and rice will likely get me through most of my meals this week, I decided to spend some of my remaining money on cheap eggs so that I could have some variety once a day.  I also decided to buy something with colour. Given we eat with our eyes, I felt that my meals needed something more appealing than their uniform browny-yellow colour combination.  I looked at many green vegetables in the store, but the uncertainty of how much they weighed and what the final cost… Read More

Kylie Pawluk, Day 2

So last night we roasted our chicken for dinner, afterwards I took all the extra meat off the bones, and put the carcass back in the crock pot with water and the trimmings from the veggies I roasted and let it cook over night. This stock is high in minerals and tastes awesome! I used most of the meat, an onion, a few carrots, a potato and some of the whole wheat noodles and made an awesome chicken noodle soup out of the chicken broth. So how am I feeling on day… Read More

Kathy Romses, Day 2

I needed food to have the energy to think clearly today at work so most of my lunch was eaten by 11 am. At 3 pm I had a couple of pieces of toast with margarine because I was having trouble focusing again. This wasn’t in my meal plan so I am only going to get hungrier as the week progresses. The positive part of the day was that I learned how to make tortillas. I mixed 1 cup flour, ¼ tsp salt, ½ tsp baking powder, 1 ½ tsp margarine and… Read More

Jenna Drabble, Day 2

I have finished the second day of the challenge, and have already experienced, to some degree, many of the things that I anticipated: anxiety, frustration, boredom and social isolation. In a sense this sounds a bit ridiculous given the short amount of time that has passed but it reflects the important role that food has in our lives; its absence is immediately noticeable and affects us in a dramatic way. Grocery shopping was a stressful experience. Beyond the constant stopping in the store to tally the contents in my basket and the… Read More

Melaine and Jawad Day 2

Melaine and Jawad2