Food is at the heart of family and community

After almost giving up on the first day, I finished the Welfare Food Challenge yesterday. For people on welfare, the challenge continues. And it’s not just about hunger. Through my week on welfare, I learned firsthand that $26 is simply not enough to eat a healthy diet but I also came to realize how much food matters beyond the issue of hunger. Food is at the heart of family and community.

It’s time to take action

It’s time to take action To Welfare Food Challenge participants and supporters: Thank you for following the Welfare Food Challenge. Raise the Rates asks you now to please take action to push the politicians of BC to tackle poverty in BC with a clear anti-poverty plan that raises welfare rates and the minimum wage. Having spent a week on the poverty diet you are the best people to speak to the politicians and to ask your friends, family and colleagues to take action as well. The full list of points for Raise the… Read More

Where to go from here?

My week officially ends at 1:30pm today. Which begs the question, where do I go from here? First off, and I have been asked this many times, what am I going to eat first? I think people often expect that I want a steak or perhaps icecream, something rich and indulgent. However, there are three things that are first on my list and will find their way into the latter half of my day: several pieces of fruit, as I especially have a hankering for the last of this season’s plums; a variety of vegetables with lots of… Read More