Day 7

OK last day – I’ve brewed my last tea bag – there’s just a smidgeon of oatmeal left after today’s porridge and the milk’s gone. There is lentil soup for lunch with our peanut butter sandwiches, and the last slice of apple (I didn’t have any yesterday).

The last day blahs

As you may have noticed, those of us who were posting regularly at the start of the challenge have slowed to a trickle the last few days. I think many of my fellow participants are experiencing the same things as me – lethargy, trouble thinking clearly, and lack of motivation to post about our boring meals. 

Update from Princess Margaret Student

Hi! I’m from the Community Leadership team from Princess Margaret Secondary School. I participated in the Welfare Food Challenge and made it one week spending only $ 26 on food.

Last day

Today is day 7 of the Welfare Food Challenge. It has been an eye-opening and stomach-grumbling experience. I averaged 1650 calories per day—about 1200 fewer than what I require to maintain my body weight, given my level of physical activity.

Journal of the Welfare Food Challenge

Journal Entry #1: We did it! We came in at the grocery store at about 50cents under the $78 dollars that the three of us would have left for food if we were on welfare. That’s it, for the whole week. Walking through the store, Dan said – must suck to see all this food and not be able to buy it.

Latkes! And lessons learned

So last night I made potato latkes. Yum!! For those of you out there with no bubbe, let me tell you about them: I learned to make them years ago, when I worked in a Jewish deli. They’re a delicious combination of grated potatoes and onion, bound together with an egg and a bit of flour.

All day I dreamed about food

It has been a while since I have been able to muster up the motivation to write a blog post. I have been feeling quite lethargic and have been having trouble mustering up much energy, and what little energy I do have is required by food preparation.

Top 5 things I’ve learned

This is my last day today and just in time as I am very low on food and have to eat smaller meals today. I have felt hungry most of the time for the last 2 days.  I learned a lot during my week on the welfare challenge.  It is hard to pick the top 5 but here they are.