Day 6

I thought I would run out of food on or before day 6 and I did. This is a little of what I learned on the challenge: Despite being resourceful, creative in the kitchen, and having low caloric needs relative to most people (I’m petite), trying to feed yourself on $26/week sucks.

Day 6

Welfare diet is about ensuring survival (and even that, probably not too well) but it does not offer nourishment for the body or soul.  I have been hungry, tired and grumpy. [More than usual.]  While i have had food to eat, i have not enjoyed my meals.

Day 6

Today we have to boost morale, because we both will have a very busy and physically demanding afternoon. We start with sourdough pancakes. This is a first for us. I must say that the dough smells very  yeasty – the closest to beer that we’ve come in a week!

No more food

And so ends the Welfare Challenge for us. We had no idea the toll that it would take when we decided to do it. Low energy, hunger pains, migraines and frustration have been omnipresent during this challenge. Without use of our pantry and our spices the food that we made was bland and simply used for fuel – if that.

Grim pickin’s

Another day has passed and so has much of my food. Still have lots of rice and oatmeal, but only one carrot left, 2 potatoes, 2 onions, an apple, two bananas and four eggs. I have a fair amount of milk, left, too – I’ve only been using it for my morning oatmeal.

Once a vegetarian, always a vegetarian

I’m making some potato and onion soup, second time this week, using stock from the potatoes and bok choy I had last night for dinner. I brought some potatoes and choy to a friend’s place for dinner – she made lasange, caesar salad, a fruit crumble with ice cream.