Day 5

Continuing on with conservation measures, I dialed down dinner just a tad. 1. The spinach soufflé has 3 eggs in it, not 4 2. I am holding back a corner of the diminishing frozen block of spinach

I couldn’t do this without a full kitchen

I needed a change from rice and beans so I decided to use my dried chickpeas. After soaking them and boiling them for hours, I kept half for lunch and dinner tomorrow and made the other half into hummus. Although it’s not really hummus without tahini, oil, salt, and lemon juice – it’s just glop!

Day 5

Hello, my name is Aisha, I’m in grade 11 at Princess Margaret Secondary. Our Leadership teachers and a group of students are doing the Welfare challenge. I’m sorry I didn’t send this sooner but i really didn’t feel like doing anything when the challenge started.

3 days 5 dollars

When I started the challenge I decided to hold back some money in case I planned poorly at the outset. I’m glad I did as I have been worried about running out of food but at least I have the sense I can still get more with my last 5 dollars. I try to imagine what I would do if I was on welfare and some unexpected cost came up. It would be a disaster. Five dollars does not really buy much protein and that is what I am low on.