Surrounded by good food (I can’t have)

Same thing for dinner again tonight: rice, beans and broccoli. At least it goes down easier with the added apple sauce but the boredom is getting to me. Especially because I have to watch my kids eating (and wasting) so much good food.

Day 4

I took our last 80 cents and bought 1.2 of the smallest cabbage I’ve seen in a long time. We really needed something green besides the spinach which is going to run out soon.

Day 4

No pictures for the blog today.  Too tired and irritable.  It’s actually quite stressful having to portion out food and trying to think about how to stretch it so I don’t run out.  I can’t imagine having to do this with all the other household expenses like toilet paper and shampoo.  I can’t imagine doing this all the time.  

Day 4

I’m 4 days in and it wasn’t too bad (mostly just incredibly boring) until today, when I got sick for reasons unrelated to diet.  It’s nothing terribly serious, but eating like this is really awful when you’re sick – I can’t imagine doing this for more than a week, or with a chronic health condition! 

Day 4

I’m getting sick of being hungry. I’m hungry an hour after I eat! I think it’s because on $26 you don’t get to buy much in the way of protein. I also didn’t have money left over for the usual kinds of snack that I would eat between meals like yogurt or fresh fruit.

Today I bought a coffee

Oops. Now I have .45 cents left in my budget. I had planned to use my remaining $2.67 to replenish my supply of vegetables, but all this denial of the little indulgences I’m used to having has made me irrational.

Beans, beans, the musical fruit…

Day three has come and gone, and HERE’S an unanticipated outcome of the Food Challenge! I’m an omnivore, and eat a lot of beans and rice throughout the year, in part ’cause the fellah I live with is Mexican. We eat red beans and rice, refried black beans, as well as chicken, pork and even just beans in various molé sauces.

Words make me hungry

Earl Grey tea is really bugging me. Just hearing the words, this morning when my partner and child were having breakfast, was sheer torture. I think that was actually the hardest thing I endured on Wednesday, the first full day: going without any coffee or tea.

Take that cook book and stick it….on your shelf!

I get lots of advice on how to manage my $26 of food. It is usually very sound advice and I appreciate it. Honestly though? Not going to happen. Before I started the Challenge, I decided to research some menu ideas. Started with a healthy eating cookbook I regularly use.