Day 3

I’m feeling a bit better today, maybe getting used to a lot less caffeine and a lot more carbs and fat than usual.

Day 3

I am in the midst of caffeine withdrawal and its raining cats and dogs. I have been eating oatmeal everyday for breakfast (which I normally do anyway) however, I have none of the trimmings (cinnamon/nutmeg/nuts/raisins ect…) that make oatmeal yummy and a joy to eat. I skipped lunch because I had errands to run and it completely slipped my mind to pack a lunch. 

Alone among others

Last night I went to an event that Trish Kelly, the other Co-Chair from the Food Policy Council, and many others helped to put on at the Roundhouse Community Centre. It was a phenomenally organized and fun event with loads of great displays and entertainment.


Today was another big cooking day for me. I spent at least two hours preparing lunch and dinner, but I will be able to have leftovers from both of those meals tomorrow. One item I have in excess is oil. I wanted oil for salad dressing, and the smallest bottle I could find is 500 ml.

Welfare week day 3

Thinking about pregnant women on welfare as I am in my 22 week of pregnancy. I am continuing to take my pre-natal vitamin which feels more important than ever this week. I’ve learned women on welfare can get extra dollars to buy these ($45/month). I like the intention but with just $26 a week to purchase food how likely is at woman would use the extra she is given for prenatal vitamins? 

One of the slowest runs I have had in a while

Well, I did it. I just went for a run. It’s not an unusual thing for me to do on a weekday morning before having a shower and some breakfast before getting down to work for the day. However, this was the first time I have exercised since starting the Welfare Food Challenge.

What can I do?

A good question posed last night at the Vancouver Food Policy Council meeting. Several of us on the Welfare Food Challenge were invited to talk about the issue of food security and people’s right to food. I was surprised at the turnout but also the keen interest of people in the Challenge.