Day 2

This is our splurge day – roast chicken. I would have saved it for later in the week, but the strategy involves using every bit of the chicken up over time.

Day 2

I really wish I could have afforded peanut butter…and ketchup.  My sweet tooth is threatening a mutiny.  Day 2 of hard boiled eggs for breakfast with an apple later on. This was lunch:

The best peanut butter sandwich I have ever eaten

Well I am just home from the Vancouver Food Policy Council meeting tonight, and despite an inspiring meeting (I will come back to that) the only thing that was really on my mind on my way home was the peanut butter sandwich I was going to make myself the minute I got in the door..It was indeed the third of the day, but by far the most satisfying.

Day 2

I was at a lunch potluck today with some fabulous women I work with. A number of them are superb cooks and I always enjoy the food that they share with me. I explained why I was turning down their offers of samosas, pancit, chicken empanadas, banana bread, tiramisu, sticky rice…you get the idea. It took a whack of self discipline!

Up at 4:05 am!

I’m wide awake and hungry for food I just cannot afford on the welfare food challenge. I was so tired at the end of my day today ( day 2) and it took me ten extra minutes biking home because of low energy! Missing my vitamins and protein already but most of all just feeling “off” for the most part. Need to get sleep so I can function well at work in 3 hours, good night. Constantly hungry Constance

It’s not fast food

I just ate lentils and a potato. Again! It didn’t take long to heat up today but yesterday it took a couple of hours to make the lentil stew. Chopping up the ingredients and simmering everything long enough to soften up the lentils takes time. I have the luxury that I can work at home if necessary so that’s what I had to do to keep an eye on the stew.

Already feeling the effects of the Welfare Diet

It’s only day two and I’m already having a harder time concentrating at work. I just had to take some pain-killers for a caffeine withdrawal headache before it turned into a migraine. I’m susceptible to those and they can knock me out for at least 24 hours so I had to nip it in the bud early. It’s probably against the rules of the challenge.

2nd day, same as the first

Today I had the leftover of what I cooked yesterday – oatmeal for breakfast, crappy salad for lunch, and mung beans and rice for dinner. I’ve been eating my meals later than usual so I won’t be hungry in the evening, but by the time I had dinner today I was starving and shaky. And grumpy, I’m told. 

Putting a human face on poverty: Interview #1

This week as part of my welfare food challenge I’m talking to people from my community who’ve lived in poverty. The first is a woman I’ve known for a number of years: we conducted our interview over facebook.

Day 2 comes and goes – with a Math Update!

So let’s start with the lessons I’ve learned so far – The first is: Don’t do math after ten at night!  I was calculating how many Canada’s Food Guide Servings, and thought that 7 X 7 = 35 for some reason – So  now I’m a bit more worried about  my nutrition. I’m supposed to be getting 49 servings of vegetables and fruits, and 49 servings of grains.

Grocery shopping and meal plan

Hi My name is Mona, and I am taking the challenge, here is what my grocery shop cost and what I purchased and how I am using it. I also want to say that I am a very thrifty shopper and keeper of the household budget. I live with a teenager who did not want to take the challenge because she said she would cheat everyday and that was not fair.

It’s not the economy – stupid

My apologies for misusing President Bill Clinton”s 1992 campaign slogan “it’s the economy stupid”. He used it to score votes during a recession.  Here in BC, one of the most common arguments I hear for why we can’t invest in poverty reduction is that the economy is bad and we can’t afford it right now. My experience on the welfare food challenge has brought home to me how really false is that excuse.