Making more with less

Breakfast: orange punch (usually we have OJ) diluted 6:1 instead of 3:1. This gives the impression of citrus and retains some degree of normalcy. Oatmeal with milk. Tea (more about this later).

Day 1

Started a day later than everyone else because I decided to do this last minute and between work and school, definitely didn’t have enough time to plan. Went grocery shopping. Spent ridiculously long amounts of time in each aisle using my cell phone calculator trying to stay in budget. Hoped to keep $2 left over for later.

Shopping for groceries

Yesterday, I spent $25.77 on groceries and this is all I’ve got for the whole week: Lentils Chickpeas Rice Pinto beans 2 loaves of bread Dozen eggs

My most stressful shopping experience ever

Myself and several other taking the Welfare Food Challenge did our shopping at Buy-Low Foods before today’s media launch at noon. I arrived at 11:15 hoping to give myself plenty of time to scour the aisles and make sure I was getting the best value. I assumed that would allow me to finish with some time to spare, but what I didn’t expect was the most stressful shopping experience of my life.

News Release: Welfare Food Challenge launched

Today, Tuesday October 16, Raise the Rates launched it is Welfare Food Challenge, where people will only spend $26 for all their food for a week. This is the same amount as a single person on welfare would have for food.

Hungry, almost cheated right away

I started my challenge today at noon, when some of us met at Buy-Low at Kingsway and 10th. After talking to fellow challengers, people living on welfare, and the organizers, and some media, I went into the grocery store to get some apples ($3.99) and a bag of oatmeal ($3).

Caffeine withdrawal

I think this will be the theme for many participants today. I did ok. Oatmeal for breakfast, brown rice and mung bean kitcheree with garlic and bok choy for lunch, a few almonds this afternoon.

My “What If” Dilemma

Now that I have gone grocery shopping, it has hit home to me that I might run out of food before the end of the week. Obviously this is not a huge problem for me doing this just for a week. So I fast for a day. No big deal.  I know it is very time limited. But it brought home for me the real stress this must place on someone on welfare.