Alice Wyche, Day 1

Photo of dahl and rice that Alice Wyche ate for dinner on day 1 of the 2017 Welfare Food Challenge

The most difficult part of today was not having tea or coffee. I usually have a few cups of tea throughout the day… such a basic and seemingly inexpensive item. When it came down to it, food was a higher priority than beverages. After a few cups of hot water today, I started putting a little cinnamon in it. I also noticed that most of my thoughts revolved around food, which isn’t normal for me. I had anxiety about possibly going hungry by the end of the week as well as having… Read More

Stephanie Kallstrom, Day 1

Photo of bread, cheese, and an egg

So I’ve had a headache since I ate breakfast and it’s getting progressively worse. Breakfast sucked, I had a small egg, with cheese on some dry toast. Lunch was worse then breakfast, a cheese sandwich, with the same bread and cheese I had for breakfast. My body was craving nutrition so I ate my banana and guzzled some water. It’s so hard to continue on with my day with this headache looming. I can only hope dinner will be better. I’ve had about three pieces of Halloween candy that had been lingering… Read More

2017 News Release

Photo of welfare food shopping vs healthy food shopping at the 2017 Welfare Food Challenge Launch

For immediate release– November 1st 2017 VANCOUVER, COAST SALISH TERRITORIES While the government has implemented the election promise of raising income assistance by $100, Raise the Rates has launched their 6th Annual Welfare Food Challenge to highlight that this is not enough. The point of the challenge is to raise public awareness on the inhumanely low welfare rates. Raise the Rates challenges the public to live on just $19/week for food. “Last year, the challenge was set at $18. Only $1 more in a week for food, even with the increase. This… Read More

Stephanie Kallstrom – Prep for the Challenge

Groceries that Stephanie bought for the 2017 Welfare Food Challenge

Ok all, this post is still about food but it’s not about the cooking I love to do. This year I am participating in the #WelfareFoodChallenge17 were I have to survive for 1 week on $19 worth of food. I will be blogging everyday. #WelfareFoodChallenge17 Okay so I did my shopping tonight for the week… not at Whole Food or Choices and nothing is Organic. I spent $0.15 over my limit but it’s pretty close. $19.15 for a weeks worth of food, feeling optimistic because I managed to get cheese, but I… Read More

Interview with Robyn Turner, RD

Photo of Robyn Turner

Robyn Turner, RD was interviewed by John Vosper of Valley Country AM in Vanderhoof, BC on Saturday, October 22, 2016. She is a Northern Health Dietitian for Vanderhoof, Fraser Lake and Fort. St. James. You can listen to the interview here:

Graphic Recording from the 2016 Welfare Food Challenge Town Hall. By Tiare Jung.

Graphic Recording from the 2016 Welfare Food Challenge Town Hall by Tiare Jung

People who want much higher welfare rates took over Vancouver City Council Chambers on Sunday, October 23. They gathered to talk about what it was like to eat on just $18 a week, and what needs to be done about the dire poverty that the BC government is forcing people on welfare to endure. However, the takeover was helped by the city that donated the space and passed a proclamation declaring last week, Raise the Rates week. October 16–22 was the 5th annual Welfare Food Challenge. This year over 200 people from… Read More

#WelfareFoodChallenge and #Raise the Rates

Check out what people have been tweeting during the Welfare Food Challenge. #WelfareFoodChallenge #RaiseTheRates