Ilene Toth, Day 7

Reflections on the Welfare Food Challenge. Posted on on October 23, 2016. Yes it is Day 7 for the annual welfare food challenge. If you have been following me this week you will know that I took on this challenge for the second year. This year was different because I had my two youngest children (Tabatha 10 & Telohan 9) join me in the challenge. What is this challenge about I have been asked. Well it is to bring attention that the current monthly amount that people on social assistance (welfare)… Read More

Ian Marcuse, Day 7

Posted on the Grandview Woodland Food Connection website. I ended my Challenge this Sat evening, a few hours before the technical end of the the week, at a Witness event where a feast was served. It seemed unsettling, but somewhat fitting to end my Challenge where delicious healthy food was offered and shared amongst a group of research participants and their family and friends (witnesses) who were involved in a place-based learning project exploring traditional environmental knowledge and sustainability. The dinner was amazing – salmon, wild rice, and roasted vegetables and all… Read More

Robyn Turner, Day 7

Challenge Complete (basically). Last night of the challenge. The only food item I have remaining is a half container of peanut butter. While I am happy to see the end, it is also tough because I am one of the fortunate ones who gets to eat nutritious on a budget greater than $18. Before going into the overall wrap-up, I want to talk about today. The last few days were better, still fatigued and worn out and hungry, but the end was close. I also scored some media attention! This however, took… Read More

Reflections on the Welfare Food Challenge by Katrina Pacey at PIVOT

Photo of groceries bought for $18 for 1 week

This year, seven members of the Pivot team took the Welfare Food Challenge. They have posted some of their reflections here and we’ve posted them below. Over the past week, seven members of our team have been participating in the fifth annual Welfare Food Challenge. We pledged to feed ourselves for seven days for $18, just like people on income assistance do each and every week. That’s $18 for everything. No dipping into the stockpile of canned food or condiments in our cupboards. No borrowing from friends and family. What $18… Read More