Tracey Kliesch, Day 7

Final Day It’s our final day on the welfare food challenge! I have been waiting for this to be over since the moment we began. It has been a tough, tough week with lots of moments of reflection. Attempting to feed yourself on $21 a week consumes (literally) everything you do. I have been constantly making sure that what we have will get us through and always making sure Aiden has enough (which means I take less). $21 a week takes the joy out of food. It has become a utility with… Read More

Stephanie Smith, Day 7

Stephanie Smith, BCGEU President • For me this is a challenge, for thousands of others it’s a reality Deciding to take the Welfare Food Challenge for a week, I committed to eating only the food I could buy for just $21. It’s an annual event organized by Raise the Rates, a community advocacy group supported by the BC Government Employees’ Union (BCGEU). $21 a week –that’s just $3 a day! Less than the cost of the latte most of us have each morning. I prepared for the challenge by dutifully shopping at… Read More

Jenny Kwan, Day 7

Welfare Food Challenge – My Reflections It cannot be forgotten that each day, over 175,000 people in BC alone experience what each welfare food challenge participants went through this last week. As a participant, each day, I go to bed hungry and, each morning, I wake up hungry. My hunger is never satisfied, as each ration is simply not enough. The only way to stop the hunger is to go to sleep. I find myself obsessed with thinking about food. I constantly review how I might better ration my food so that… Read More

Barb Ryeburn, Day 7

The Food Challenge is Over: Feeling Extremely Privileged The last few days of the Welfare Food Challenge were easier than I’d thought they would be. Although I was low in energy and went to bed early each night, in the back of my mind, I knew I was almost done and that on Tuesday, I would be able to eat and drink whatever and whenever I wanted. I finished the challenge last night. It felt wonderful to wake up to a latté and Greek yogurt for breakfast and to know that I… Read More