Ashley Bodkin, Day 4

The day of celebration: Today seemed like a cruel joke. I went to a work related meeting only to find out that it was a meeting at all but a celebration of all the hard work we have done this year. The first part of the celebration was of course food I could not partake in which included cake, paninis, candy, and wraps. Directly after the celebration I was working at an event at my branch where of course we were serving food … really delicious looking and smelling food! This challenge… Read More

Peter Reale, Day 4

Yesterday it really hit home … going to bed hungry and the awful feeling knowing what so many people live through day in and day out. Change is needed!

Jennifer Taylor, Day 4

Day 4 proved to be just as bad as day three. Continued headache (thank goodness I can afford Advil). Poor concentration and low energy continues, along with irritability and frustration. Breakfast: oatmeal, lunch: half a banana and half an apple, dinner: pasta with tomato sauce. I could only eat about half my bowl of pasta as I became full early – my body is getting used to having not enough food which is not a healthy spot to be in.

Barb Ryeburn and Kim Eaton, Day 4

Food for Barb Ryeburn and Kim Eaton on Day 4 of the 2015 Welfare Food Challenge

Day 4 and feeling it! I was feeling pretty good about my ability to get through the welfare food challenge until about three in the afternoon yesterday. Up until then, I had thought that the main challenges I would have to overcome were pretty minor. My main inconvenience was having to eat the same food day after day. Oatmeal and peanut butter for breakfast, salad for lunch, and lentils with potatoes for supper get pretty boring after you’ve eaten them three days in a row. Yesterday, when I came home to see… Read More