Ashley Bodkin, Day 2

Pasta, day 2, Ashley Bodkin

This is not pasta L Yesterday was hard. I was in a first aid course. I arrived early and was waiting for a friend at the skytrain station. It was cold and my first thought was to go inside a nearby coffee shop and grab a coffee, but of course I didn’t have money for this so I waited outside in the cold. When I got home for dinner I was starving! We decided to make “spaghetti” unfortunately the spaghetti sauce I bought (it came in a bag) was more like ketchup… Read More

Monika Smith and her Mom, Day 2

I ate leftover biscuits from yesterday&rquo;s breakfast and just drank water due to a queasy feeling in my stomach, that feeling by lunchtime was in my throat so I could not eat lunch because it hurt to swallow, and I could not eat dinner for the same reason, I did manage to eat half a banana as a snack. My total caloric intake was 404, and I lost 520 calories due to work, for a grand total of -116 calories, which is very, very bad, and I did go to bed hungry…. Read More

Jennifer Taylor, Day 2

So 2 days into the challenge and while I’ve been able to stay fed, have been having a lot of feelings in this experience. Concern that my food will not last is a big one. I’ve also felt pity from friends and family who are partaking in social meals and treats that I cannot take part in. That is not a good feeling at all and very isolating. Today I woke up with a cold and so like many people, I went and got some medicine. However, the vast majority of folks… Read More

Earyn Wheatley & Deanna Ogle, Day 2

Welfare Food Challenge – Charity or Justice? Yesterday was our first day of the challenge but not our first day of work in preparing food. We bought dried black beans as part of our staples to help provide a bit of protein. We soaked the beans and put them in a slow cooker overnight together with a few slivers of onion, garlic, dried chilies and a portion of our canned tomatoes. We went to sleep confident that we were totally on top of the food situation. I woke up early to review… Read More

Carol Lewis, Day 2

As Canada inaugurates her new Prime Minister, I work methodically through Day Two of the challenge. Yesterday and today I had Hot Chocolate (with a Tablespoon of cream) and hot cooked rolled oats (with a Teaspoon of butter melted in). For lunch I had a tortilla wrapped sandwich of chicken, onion, bell pepper, a skinny sliver of avocado and finely minced cabbage. For supper yesterday and today, I had rice and beans. The Canada Food Guide ( recommends 7 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, 6 servings of grains, 3 servings of… Read More

Lou Black, Day 2

Lou Black Food for Day 2 of the 2015 Welfare Food Challenge

Yogurt and my ‘flour, oats, margarine’ version of granola for breakfast. Yikes, the tub of yogurt is almost done! Stir fry and rice for lunch and dinner. It looks appetizing but lacked some flavour and isn’t especially filling … It is really different to think about rationing. I had a meeting tonight where Indian food was being served. That was tough to sit through. It helped me think about the absurdity of having an abundance of food and decadent restaurants in our province yet people go hungry here every day.

Lily Wong, Day 2

November 4, 2015 • Breakfast: A piece of toast, an egg and a banana. Lunch: Noodle stir-fry, 2 apples and an egg. Dinner: Instant noodles and an apple. Today was tough; I was very lethargic the whole day and I am not sure if it’s due to lack of sleep or lack of food or both. All I know is that food was on my mind. I had a full work day and during one of my meetings, it was challenging to be attentive and contribute to the group because of the… Read More