Suzanne Johnson, Day 7

Welfare Food Challenge ¶dash; Reflecting on the week long experience I decided to participate in the Welfare Food Challenge not only to highlight issues of food insecurity but to transform my level of understanding through a real experience. I was to assume that I was starting from scratch and could eat only the food that I could purchase with $21 for the week. This meant that I could not even touch the salt & pepper shakers in my cupboards. I will admit that I was inspired by my coworker who is absolutely… Read More

Tess Healy, Day 7

I was able to buy some nuts (in bulk section) a bag of corn chips on sale, a big thing of yogurt on special and some 50% reduced baked goods – day old. I am aiming for bulk – what fills me up. I am taking a ton of creamers and sugars in the coffee (free) in the places I am going. I want all the things I can’t buy – even things I wouldn’t even want ordinarily but suddenly raspberry ginger cookies sound amazing. Last day: I have 2 dollars left…. Read More

Kate Kysow, Day 7

THE LAST day! Wow, this challenge has gone by so fast it’s crazy!  Last meal you ask?  Oatmeal of course 🙂 Today, was one of the more stressful ones with work & school & hunger all getting mixed up in a slightly too stressful combination, but at least the day is done!  Tomorrow, I get to buy coffee and meet other people on the challenge, which is super exciting. Things that I’ve learnt or experienced on the challenge: losing weight feeling anxious trying to budget in a supermarket & not being sure… Read More

Victoria Lee, Day 7

Today is the last day of the challenge and it was a tough one. I have been out all day at meetings and events and returned home past 10. It was difficult to be around so much food tonight (a huge buffet with many delicious options) even when I try to distract myself. Often people notice that you are not eating whether at social or professional gatherings and ask why, which is an opportune time to engage others and to talk about the welfare food challenge. Most can sympathize that $21/week is… Read More

Jen Muranetz, Day 7

Last day of #WelfareFoodChallenge. Here's my lunch. Still have $2 – what to spend it on? Story tmrw on @goVanTVShow

Kate Hoffard, Day 7

Day 7 – after a week on $21, I think many things have changed: my perspective, my diet, and my spending. It’s too easy to forget about about those who need help, those who we see lining up for the food bank, or those people on the street we push from our minds. Remember how many young children and families are on social assistance, and how many use the food bank. $21 is not enough money to healthily, to feed our bodies and our minds. When you’re hungry, it’s so hard to… Read More

Chantelle Sutton, Day 7

Breaky: oatmeal Lunch: I forgot my lunch on the counter at home. I almost cried/gave up. Thank god my friend at work had ramen noodles to give me (we still had one package from our budget that we had not eaten) Dinner: the plan was beans on toast (see pic below). I was NOT looking forward to this dinner. Alan liked it but bla! So I gave Alan my portion and I had my lunch of PB and banana sandwich and an apple.

Samantha Truong, Day 7

Photo of Samantha at Welfare Food Challenge booth

LAST DAY – Reflection Today was fun. I boothed at the Totem Park Commons Block where 1st years live, and engaged in dialogue with dozens of people. I also gave them the option to sign the petition to raise the rates if they were interested. What I experienced this evening was a reminder as to why we need to create awareness, and why we need to engage in dialogue to create a safe space for people to learn, make mistakes, and get thinking. Today, I had dozens of conversations with students at… Read More

Alan Yu, Day 7

October 22nd, 2014 It’s the final day of the welfare food challenge and a lot of interesting things happened as everyone probably knows in regard to the shooting in Ottawa. For this post I’ll try to stay on topic with the food challenge. Video recap below. I was thinking for today that I would drop by a different grocery store on my way home and to the supermarket as technically if the challenge was to continue I would have to buy some grocery items again. I knew one thing for sure was… Read More