Kate Kysow, Day 4

Making banana pancakes Today, I got creative with the food I have left. In the morning, I made banana pancakes with 2 eggs & 1 banana and topped them with brown sugar and then for dinner, I made fried rice and baked some potatoes in the oven. It was pretty tasty, apart from lacking in sauces/spices. I’m realizing the only reason I’m able to succeed at this challenge is become I have a kitchen! If it weren’t for the microwave/stove/oven/fridge, I’m really not sure what I’d eat, but it definitely wouldn’t be… Read More

Victoria Lee, Days 2-4

I have been fighting off a cold since late last week… It’s been nagging on and I’m still struggling with it and in bed this weekend. Having access to nutritious and healthy foods is not only important for preventing disease and maintaining health but also for recovering from illness. One of the reasons why Canadian Medical Association’s report on Health Care in Canada (https://www.cma.ca/Assets/assets-library/document/fr/advocacy/What-makes-us-sick_en.pdf) concluded that poverty is the most important factor when it comes to determining whether Canadians live long, and healthy lives.

Alan Yu, Day 4

October 19th, 2014 Casual day of research was the theme today. Video below for my day’s recap. I didn’t physically go to stores to look at prices today. Instead, I casually looked online for some potential deals and pricing history for certain items. For the can of sardine I was potentially thinking of buying on the last day the cheapest I found was a two for $1 sale. Why is this important? I think you need to have good knowledge on how cheap an item can potentially get for you to better… Read More

Sieun Lee, Day 4

Sunday October 19 For breakfast, I had 1 cup of soy milk with 10 Shreddies and 10 roasted black beans. During the morning I slowly ate 1/2 of the baked sweet potato. Lunch was 1/4 of an Everything bagel, 1/4 cup of steamed rice, and 1.5 cup of broccoli soup. In the afternoon I went to Costco for a price check and to GardenWorks. This time, I carried the half of the sweet potato in a container and a water bottle. Being in a crowded Costco and immersing myself in the stupefying… Read More

Gent Family, Day 4

Hitting Halfway, and top-up day Kids enjoyed popcorn and sugar water at home last night while we were out, thankfully didn’t eat all the food, but we’re now grappling with how to allocate the $25 holdback we kept from our initial shopping trip. Jen hit the dollar store this morning, found a multi-spice pkg (whoo hoo!) , more jam, more pasta, and some Honey Nut Cheerios lobbied from the children – all for $6.25. I’ll head out for another 10lbs of apples, milk, margarine and eggs at the Buy Low to get… Read More

Lou Black, Day 4

The day I surrendered… In the morning I barely got breakfast down, in fact, I couldn’t eat all of it despite being hungry. I was so sick of eating the same food – it had became repulsive to me. I biked soon after, and noticed my body definitely didn’t feel as strong as usual. I made it through my ride, ate snacks along the way, and ate as much as I could when I got home, but by late afternoon I was feeling really weak. I decided to give up the challenge…. Read More

Michelle Huang, Day 4

October 19, 2014 Welfare Rate of $610 & Public Safety Welfare rate of $610 is not only a sentence to life in poverty, but also increase health risks for the recipients and public safety. Government is trying to win your vote by promising to cut social spending. What you do not realize is that you and your wealth family could be indirectly impacted by this budget cut!!! It’s true that you rich corporations and wealthy families may never be touched by poverty, disabilities or mental illnesses. What you don’t realize is that… Read More

Christopher Porter and Emily Beam, Day 4

Welfare Food Challenge – Surviving but not Thriving (posted by Christopher) We’re halfway done the Welfare Food Challenge and it is no longer smooth sailing. Our fresh produce is going bad but we can’t afford to replace it; I’m bored of rice and beans and oatmeal; and both Emily and I are feeling tired and sluggish, so there’s likely a nutritional deficiency in our diet. The hardest part of the challenge has been socializing with friends and not being able to eat the food they offer. Last night I had to resist… Read More

Samantha Truong, Day 4

Food I did some cooking in the kitchen. Lunches consist of raw carrots, broccoli, celery, a few chunks of baked potato, and a boiled egg. My dinner is pasta with canned tomato sauce and canned chickpeas. I decided to boil some of my veggies to spice things up. I saved the broth that remained when boiling my veggies, because I plan to re-heat this and cook my instant noodles in it for some more nutrients – because instant noodles just isn’t enough. Spreading the awareness Today I was interviewed by the 24… Read More

Jen Muranetz, Day 4

Made homemade chicken noodle soup today. Absolute luxury. Back to rice tmrw, tho… #WelfareFoodChallenge pic.twitter.com/Fd0O2FcGxB

Suzanne Johnson, Day 4

Sunday, 19 October 2014 I ate another apple today, it was the bomb! I still have a headache and my appetite is suppressed now. It was not problem to go from eating two pieces of toast at 8:00 am until 12:30 before I snacked on an apple and then about 2:00 when I had some lunch. I mixed the last of my beans mixed with tomatoes (I still have plain beans) with a packaged of the ramen noodles and was only able to eat half of the plate. I normally could have… Read More

Chantelle Sutton, Day 4

Food for today… ICE CREAM! Well to be completely honest it was 1/2 an ice cream cone because Alan and I shared it. We had just shy of $2 left in our budget and we fully intended to go buy some more broccoli. But then today was a beautiful day and I went to a baby shower that had amazing yummy food I couldn’t eat (mmmm cheeseball!) and we went for a family walk that passes right by McD… so we gave up the healthy broccoli for one shared ice cream. And… Read More

Kate Hoffard, Day 4

Day 4 – today I was hungry and had headaches, which I think were because of my low blood sugar. It was tough too because I attended a birthday party with lots of yummy snacks and delicious looking cake. Wanted to cheat, but didn’t. The will is strong but I’m feeling weak and hungry. For breakfast, more apple cinnamon oatmeal (monotony has set in). Lunch was more falafel with an apple relish, followed by a snack of hot milky tea and peanuts. For dinner, the last of the falafel with a pilaf… Read More