Victoria Lee, Days 2-4

I have been fighting off a cold since late last week… It’s been nagging on and I’m still struggling with it and in bed this weekend. Having access to nutritious and healthy foods is not only important for preventing disease and maintaining health but also for recovering from illness. One of the reasons why Canadian Medical Association’s report on Health Care in Canada ( concluded that poverty is the most important factor when it comes to determining whether Canadians live long, and healthy lives.

Katelyn Siggelkow, Day 2

Living on $3/day for 7 days When I am barred from the freedom of consuming food every moment, every moment is consumed by food. It rules me in a way I hate to admit. Now, I find myself dwelling on how hungry and irritable I am, on this persistent headache that I am still denying is a result of caffeine withdrawal, on scheming when I can get me next meal, and scheming hacks that are still within the bounds of the rules of this challenge. My latest idea is if I buy… Read More

Chantelle Sutton, Day 2

On my way into my office this morning I see this: a woman packing up her bedding after spending the night in a covered back door of a business. I know her. She is the girlfriend of one of my clients. I said hi and she happily gave my dog some love. And it got me thinking, with her $21 a week she can’t buy instant oatmeal or Kraft dinner because where is she going to cook it? I highly doubt she had a camping stove and propane tucked into her grocery… Read More

Gent Family, Day 2

By Derek Gent Mood shifted to a much more positive one at tonight’s event, maybe feeling a bit self righteous, maybe listening to the wonderful David Beers from the Tyee as emcee for the Real Estate Foundation Land Awards Gala, or Peter Mansbridge as keynote. I was struck by the number of folks I saw at the dinner last night being celebrated for achievements I see as celebration worthy. Sean Dory from Sole Foods was all suited up, as was Ilana Labow from Fresh Roots, the hard working volunteers from Cowichan Green… Read More

Sieun Lee, Day 2

Friday, October 17, 2014 Breakfast: 2 tbsp of strawberry Greek yogurt with 10 pcs Shreddies, 10 frozen blueberries, and 10 roasted black beans. I buy a ton of blueberries in summer and freeze them in Ziploc bags. Mom sends me roasted black beans from Korea. I made coffee like yesterday. Mid-morning snack was a quarter of a small cantaloupe and 10 more of the roasted black beans. Lunch was a cup of steamed rice and a cup of pineapple pork, a leftover from few days ago. I had chopped up a piece… Read More

Tara-lee Gardner, Day 2

Plain cream of wheat for breakfast. No seasoning or fruit cause I couldn’t afford it and I make extra for lunch #welfarefoodchallenge #raisetherates #vegansofinstagram Lentils and mixed veggies. No salt or seasonings. #welfarefoodchallenge #raisetherates #vegansofig

Lou Black, Day 2

My low laying virus resurfaced today. It bites to not be able to go to my usual comfort foods and drinks for being sick. Lentils, eggs, and rice are starting to get boring already. It makes me aware of the degree to which food is a source of entertainment and comfort for me, unlike the basic sustenance role it plays in many people’s lives. A good way to be reminded of my privilege…

Kate Kysow, Day2

Headaches kicking in Made it to Day 2 and was excited for breakfast! I had a microwave mug cake of oats, banana, an egg, and brown sugar. It was good…but lacking in coffee. I didn’t think coffee was such a part of my routine, but with two days and not having any, I miss it a lot! There’s something about standing in line at a café and getting a nice, warm cup of coffee that really brightens up a typical day. It makes me sad to think people on welfare don’t get… Read More

Bif Naked, Day 2

I would like to thank all of you, from my entire heart, for sharing our story about Raise the Rates BC “Welfare Food Challenge” that has just started, (and will continue into next week) and I am extremely humbled by your attention. There are MANY OTHER PEOPLE participating in this effort, and I encourage you to get to know them at I am completely blown away by the amount of comments, and want you to know I am ever grateful. The dialogue created is important to us, it’s compelling and engaging,… Read More

Tess Healy, Day 2

I have yet to spend any money on food. I am afraid to spend it. Once it is gone, it is gone. I am a very honest person, growing up in England, if we found a sixpence on the street we had to put it in the poor box in church. We were the poor so I could never understand why we didn’t just keep it. I know now that the very public depositing of the money declared we were not poor (even though we were) and that claiming that pride meant… Read More

Alan Yu, Day 2

October 17th, 2014 Today was an interesting day as it got me thinking if I should return an item for what seems to be a better deal.  As usual, watch my video below for my day’s recap for those who prefer it. Shopping knowledge was the big theme for me today as many times I found myself finding great deals but at the same time I was lacking the knowledge of what would be the best value diet wise in conjunction with cost.  As mentioned before, stores usually change its prices today… Read More

Samantha Truong, Day 2

  Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Friday was an eventful day. I woke up at 8:00am and ate my oatmeal. By 10:00am, I was already very hungry because my oatmeal was not very filling. So I began to eat my lunch at 10:00am. With no dipping sauce or salt, my lunch was very flavourless, and I actually only ate half of it because I didn’t like the taste. I would have rather been hungry then to eat my vegetables. And that says something on its own – I mean, I imagine those that… Read More

Suzanne Johnson, Day 2

Making It Last – Friday, 17 October 2014 I attended a meeting last night in which a meal was served and because we have so many good cooks in the community, I was anxious to see what was being served and what I would be missing. When I saw that it was a delicious elk stew with green salad and baked bannock, I knew I would be missing a good meal and quickly tried to duck out of the way to let others get closer to the table. I said “Oh go… Read More

Kate Hoffard, Day 2

Day 2 went fairly well – I think I’m getting into a rhythm. I had the same breakfast as yesterday, apple cinnamon oatmeal. Lunch was leftover rice and chickpea pilaf with cilantro. My snack was also the same – an apple and some peanuts. For dinner, I made a caramelized onion and cabbage soup with chickpeas. I’m out this evening, drinking only water. I’d love a glass of wine, but that will have to wait for next week. There’s no room for indulgences on $21. As an explanation, I’m taking 3rd Annual… Read More

Jen Muranetz, Day 2

Meals are looking the same already, lots of rice & eggs. My recap of #welfarefoodchallenge next Thurs on @goVanTVShow