Katelyn Siggelkow, Day 1

Returning home from a family trip to Ontario late on Thursday evening, I was greeted by a neighbour who had come over with his son to welcome me home and gift us with a “last supper”. Confused at the doom in his voice as he served these last words like a life-sentence, I looked to my roommates for an explanation. They laughed nervously, hesitant to break the news that starting the next morning, we’d be embarking on the Welfare Food Challenge. For the next seven days, we’d have a budget of 21$… Read More

Victoria Lee, Day 1

I was glad to be able to join the media event today. It was great to see so many people supporting this important cause. I have lost some sleep trying to plan out my meals for this week. I am concerned about maintaining some resemblance of healthy eating. I did pretty well today with some greens and eggs… I noticed that opportunities to socialize personally and professionally are disappearing quickly as I am trying not to expose myself to temptations that will be too difficult to resist!

Kate Kysow, Day 1

photo of Kate Kysow's 2014 welfare food challenge shopping

Budget shopping at the grocery store! Day 1 has kicked off for the 3rd Annual Welfare Food Challenge! This morning I woke up and went to my local No Frills as I thought they would be the best place for cheap-ish food. Before starting to choose items, I walked through the aisles looking at how much everything cost. I must have looked like a lost puppy because every time I met someone they gave me a look like ‘are you okay, honey?’ Anyways, once I started to shop I actually felt optimistic!… Read More

Bif Naked, Day 1

As we acknowledge our abundant blessings TODAY, on World Food Day, I am starting my Raise the Rates BC Welfare Food Challenge, where I will eat from what I can buy myself with $21.00 FOR THE WHOLE WEEK. The photos I have included show you the types of things I sometimes eat as a strong, healthy vegan individual (see Bif’s Facebook page). The photo with the papaya (and handfuls of organic spinach, organic cucumber, 4 organic zucchinis, 4 organic bananas, vegan protein powder, hempseeds, pea shoots, almonds, 2 organic Roma tomatoes, and… Read More

Christopher Porter and Emily Beam, Day 1

Day 1 We survived Day 1 of the Welfare Food Challenge. There are lots of interesting people blogging and tweeting about their experiences. I’ve been surprised to see a number of people buying cans of beans. Obviously more convenient, but a lot more expensive than dried beans. After Day 1, I feel well fed but gassy. I guess eating a lot of beans will do that. Breakfast was a simple but filling meal of oatmeal, half a banana, and a spoonful of sugar. Lunch was rice, lentils, tomatoes, and a few carrots. We made way… Read More

Stacey Tyers, Day 1

@raisetheratesbc I already failed. I spent 21.07.abd didn't have any more recent time to decide what else to get rid of

Gent Family, Day 1

Start of Day 1 Jen We started the day early this morning, chopped apples, carrots and onions, put on porridge, checked the soaking beans and rising bread. This is Day 1 of our week long food welfare challenge. To make the most of our $105 we’ve spent a great deal of time planning and prepping for this week. I think planning and searching out food for one’s family could be a part time job. Let alone the time necessary to prepare these less expensive options. I could be accused of spending too… Read More

Tess Healy, Day 1

It is four hours into day one and I wish I had thought more about this challenge and how to do it before accepting it. I seem consumed with fear right now that I won’t be able to do it right. My overwhelming thought, though, is how do people cope on $3 a day for food? I haven’t eaten anything yet because what I would normally eat would blow the day’s budget. My capacity to stop in to Tim Horton’s for a coffee and bagel because I am running late and need… Read More

Chantelle Sutton, Day 1

Day 1! World Food Day It feels weird to start anything on a Thursday. Mondays are the day to begin new diets/exercise plans/goals. But it does make sense to begin this journey on World Food Day. So I spent a good portion of last night, lying in bed, trying to revamp my food choices to add more food and more veggies. I realized the Veggie Burgers have to go and maybe I can find a cheaper the bag of apples. If you know me well, you know that I don’t cook. I… Read More

Alan Yu, Day 1

October 16th, 2014 Here we go! First day of the BC welfare food challenge. If you prefer to watch me go through my experience using video instead you can click play here: For everyone else, read on. For those who don’t know, the purpose of this challenge is to demonstrate how people on welfare income assistance can barely make ends meat with the current provided funds of $610 per month. After all your other expenses are covered, it is stated that a person has about $21 a week left for food. The… Read More

Samantha Truong, Day 1

10:30am: I had some instant oatmeal, a box of Quaker oats that was on sale for $2.47, which included ten packets. This comes to 25 cents for breakfast. This was physically not very filling, but mentally it satisfied me and lasted me up until 3:00pm. 3:00pm – 6:00pm: that’s another story. I was hungry – more like “hangry” – while I was grocery shopping. 6:00pm: When I got home, I way too hungry to go in the kitchen and make something, so I boiled a kettle of water and made myself a… Read More

Tanja Cvekic, Day 1

Cranky without coffee, but doesn’t fit $21/week welfare food budget. #welfarefoodchallenge #bcpoverty Felt food envy @ lunch seeing what others ate & comparing to my (tasty but small) chickpea-apple salad. #welfarefoodchallenge #bcpoverty Limit on my food budget made me food obsessed today. Without food security how can you think about anything else? #bcpoverty @RaisetheRates

Kate Hoffard, Day 1

Starting today, I will be participating in the 3rd Annual Welfare Food Challenge, organized by Raise the Rates. Raise the Rates is a coalition of community groups and organizations concerned with the level of poverty and homelessness in British Columbia, calling on government to raise welfare rates; rates in BC have been stagnant for more than 7 years. The challenge runs for 7 days from Thursday, October 16 to Wednesday, October 22, 2014. During that week, participants will only eat the food they can buy with $21 dollars. Why $21? Total monthly… Read More

Suzanne Johnson, Day 1

A $21 Food Budget – Day 1 Welfare Food Challenge Today is my first day of the Welfare Food Challenge. Luckily our food budget is solely for food. As you can see in the first photo, although the Penticton Indian Band community is close to town compared to many other reserves in BC, it is still about a 10K drive. On check day, some members who cannot access rides to town from family will pay $30 one way for a cab ride to town to buy groceries. It would take an hour… Read More

Tara-lee Gardner, Day 1

$21/wk for food is not enough #welfarefoodchallenge #raisetherates @raisetherates #vanpoli #bcpoli http://instagram.com/p/uPLiK0zTMi/

Lou Black, Day 1

$ 21 bought me: 4 cups of oats, 4 cups of lentils, 6 cups of rice, small can of salsa, 2 tomatoes, 1 head of garlic, 5 bananas, 1 orange, 75 grams feta, 1 dozen eggs 1 block of tofu, small square of margarine I was up past my bedtime cooking last night and am tired today. There’s no eating at restaurants or getting take out this week so I had to have some ready to eat food for work. I think I might be bored of rice already. I’m salivating going… Read More

Day 1

What a great launch! Check out the photos on our Facebook page. With more info about what happened in our news release. Check out posts from our participants on our site and on their personal blogs!