Samantha Truong, Prep for the Challenge

October 15, 2014 – WHY AM I DOING THIS? October 1st, 2014 – I was in my dorm room, reading chapter six of my social work textbook titled Social Welfare in Canada: Understanding Income Security. My whatsapp app was buzzing every two minutes, because my sis chat group was talking about a family member who is in a transition house with her three year-old daughter for many complicated, structural, oppressing, and intersecting issues. My social work TA – whose name I still do not know – presented this welfare food challenge to… Read More

Suzanne Johnson, Prep for the Challenge

Welfare Food Challenge – Why? The welfare rates in BC have not been raised since 2007. Low welfare rates are part of the picture of poverty in BC, which is the worst in Canada. I am particularly concerned about the impact that this has on the First Nations people. Food insecurity is a significant issue for many First Nations people with roughly a third of families who are earning wages facing some degree of food insecurity. The number of individuals on limited income assistance is also significant and these individuals face food… Read More

Gent Family, Prep for the Challenge

DISPATCHES FROM THE WELFARE FOOD CHALLENGE – Day negative 1, October 15, 2014 ROUGH CUT – observations from a privileged family of 5 living for a week on a food budget of $105 in Vancouver, BC When I got home from work today, I heard the story of how my eldest daughter, Lu, saw blueberries on the counter when she returned from school, and inadvertently had a bit of a feast, as she often does, without realizing that this fruit was to be part of our food allowance for the ‎entire week…. Read More

Chantelle Sutton, Prep for the Challenge

First step for me is making a meal plan for the week of foods I think are cheap. Meals: Breakfast: oatmeal Lunch: peanut butter and banana sandwich Snack: apple, popcorn Dinner options: KD, tomato soup, eggs, veg burgers, broccoli Next step is pricing out my items. I went to Walmart this weekend to get an idea of what is the cheapest price I could get for my items. Shopping list: Bananas-6 weigh 2.5 lbs @ $.77/lb=$1.93 Apples- 1 bag is $4.47 Broccoli- $1.09/ lb, 2lbs =$2.18 Eggs- 12 for $2.67 Skimmed milk-… Read More

Alan Yu, Prep for the Challenge

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 Alright, I am officially going to try this $21 food budget for the week challenge. This is going to be an interesting experience for me as initially I don’t think it will be too hard financially as I normally try to shop for the best deals. However, there is a lot that I don’t know such as keeping track of nutritional daily intake as it isn’t something that I normally think too much about other than doing things such as naturally avoiding as many artificial stuff as possible…. Read More

Stacey Tyers, Prep for the Challenge

I have decided to do the welfare food challenge for #raisetherates #bcmuni #bcpoli  via @wordpressdotcom

Jen Muranetz, Prep for the Challenge

I'm taking part in @RaisetheRates's #WelfareFoodChallenge. I already broke my $21 budget for the week… (1/2) Luckily I'm collaborating w/ another participant ($42 together/week). Challenge kicks off tmrw. I'm documenting it all 4 @goVanTVShow (2/2)

Tara-lee Gardner, Prep for the Challenge

2014 Welfare Food Challenge Starting this Thusrday I am taking the 2014 Welfare Food Challenge. This challenge only allows me $21 to spend on food for one week. It runs from Thursday October 16th to Wednesday October 22nd. I have been trying to figure out what I’m going to spend that money on and it’s been hard. Really really hard. I’m always on the look out for good deals when I’m at the store so I looked through my receipts trying to choose the necessities I’d need and nothing worked. All the… Read More

Join the 2014 Welfare Food Challenge

poster for welfare food challenge

Ever wondered how good your survival skills are? Looking for a challenge or perhaps, a cheap weight-loss program? Why not take the Welfare Food Challenge! The 3rd Annual Welfare Food Challenge runs for 7 days from October 16 to October 22, 2014. During that week, participants will only eat the food they can buy with $21 dollars (no free food or donations!). Families, classes and other groups may choose to participate together and share resources. Challenge takers can get together with other challenge-takers to eat a meal together. And we hope you’ll… Read More

Bif Naked joins 2014 Welfare Food Challenge!

On October 2, 2014 singer-songwriter Bif Naked officially launched Raise the Rates’ Welfare Food Challenge, announcing that she will take part in the 3rd edition of this campaign. “I feel it is part of my responsibility, as a citizen and a human, to address, and bring awareness to the fact that more people in BC are living below the poverty line than anywhere else in the country.” She encouraged other people across BC to join her taking the challenge, “The Welfare Food Challenge is important because the only way our community can… Read More