The Welfare Food Challenge Still in the Media

Even over a month after the Food Challenge has ended, the issue of welfare rates being far too low is still being covered in the media around our province. Welfare rates leave bad taste Terrace Standard, November 24, 2014 Welfare Challenge an eye opener posted in The Kelowna Daily Courier on November 14, 2014

Continuing the Call to Raise the Rates

The 2014 Welfare Food Challenge was a huge success in raising awareness about the appallingly low income assistance rates in BC that trap people in the vicious cycle and misery of poverty. Over 180,000 people struggle to feed themselves on $21 a week. The Challenge for this year is over but the struggle continues for those on welfare and for all of us calling on the BC government to RAISE THE RATES. Please help us to pressure the government to do the right thing and make changes now. Please sign our petition,… Read More

Welfare Food Challenge Takers Call on BC Government to Raise the Rates

Here’s the letter that the participants in the 2014 Welfare Challenge wrote to Minister Don McRae and Opposition Critic, Michelle Mungall. Please write your own letter, sign the petition, and ask everyone you know to help raise the rates! Dear Don McRae (Minister for Social Development) & Michelle Mungall (Opposition Critic), As you know, over 100 people across British Columbia took part in the 3rd annual Welfare Food Challenge organized by Raise the Rates. You were invited to join the Challenge but decided not to. We, as Challenge Takers, realized before we… Read More

The 2014 Welfare Food Challenge Wraps Up

The 3rd Annual Welfare Food Challenge ended with a fantastic press conference. Read more below or download the news release (PDF). Also, view photos from the news conference on our Facebook page. And read the letter that the 2014 Challenge Takers wrote to Don McRae (Minister for Social Development) and Michelle Mungall (Opposition Critic). Raise welfare rates say Welfare Food Challenge takers The BC government should raise welfare rates and bring in a poverty reduction plan. That was the consensus of the people who took the Welfare Food Challenge, eating only what… Read More

Welfare is $1000 below the Poverty Line

Welfare is $1000 below the Poverty Line. To survive in BC, you need a full basket of good food; But on Welfare, you get less than half.

It’s no wonder that most of our participants are feeling pretty low-energy and getting a bit cranky… Read their posts and their personal blogs/tweets/instagrams to read how some of them are doing! Check out our Facebook page!

Check out the Media Coverage

Raise the Rates is pleased to see that the media is paying attention to this critical issue. See the list of articles and stories that have been published about the Welfare Food Challenge before and during the campaign. Thanks again to all of you amazing participants who are helping raise awareness in BC (and beyond) to let everyone know that $610 a month for an individual living on social assistance in BC is much too low and that the BC government needs to RAISE THE RATES!

Letter from Bif Naked to Don McRae • Write your letter!

Have you written to the Premier, Christy Clark, the Minister of Social Development and Social Innovation, Don McRae, the Leader of the Opposition, John Horgan, or your provincial MLA – asking the Provincial Government to raise welfare rates in BC? You can find their contact information here: and there’s a sample letter on our Take Action page. Now would be a great time to do it, as many people are doing this during the Welfare Food Challenge! Here is what Bif Naked wrote in her letter! To The Honourable Don McRae,… Read More

Daily Recap Day 4

Over 100 people are participating in the Welfare Food Challenge this year. Here’s a challenge to us all: Let’s make this week count. Sign our petition and ask your friends to do the same. Write to your MLAs. Join the Raise the Rates listserv (by contacting Bill at and come to our meetings in Vancouver. Organize in your communities and help make the movement for welfare rates people can survive on grow.

Daily Recap

Photo of 2014 Welfare Food Challenge Launch press conference

The 2014 Welfare Food Challenge has been launched! Bif Naked helps launch the 3rd annual Welfare Food Challenge with $21 worth of food October 16, 2014 Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territory Download the 2014 Welfare Food Challenge News Release (PDF) Check out posts from our participants on our site and on their personal blogs! A bag of rice. Two cans of chick peas. Two heads of lettuce. A bag of spinach. A little box of tomatoes and some bananas and zucchinis. That’s all Bif Naked could buy with the $21 she has… Read More

Bif Naked joins 2014 Welfare Food Challenge!

On October 2, 2014 singer-songwriter Bif Naked officially launched Raise the Rates’ Welfare Food Challenge, announcing that she will take part in the 3rd edition of this campaign. “I feel it is part of my responsibility, as a citizen and a human, to address, and bring awareness to the fact that more people in BC are living below the poverty line than anywhere else in the country.” She encouraged other people across BC to join her taking the challenge, “The Welfare Food Challenge is important because the only way our community can… Read More