Useful reports on Welfare and Poverty

Here is some more information about poverty, its true costs, and its harm on society.

‘We Can’t Afford Poverty’ website
has lots of info and materials too:

BC Poverty Reduction Plan

Food Costing BC 2015, Provincial Health Services Agency
Food Costing in BC 2015 (PDF)

Carnegie Community Action Project
Working to build community in the Downtown East Side

Cost of Poverty (CCPA)

Child Poverty in BC (First Call)
First Call BC Child Poverty Report Card 2015 (PDF)

HUNGRY FOR JUSTICE: Advancing a Right to Food for Children in BC by Laura Track (PDF)

Household Food Insecurity in Canada, 2011

Opinion poll on poverty in BC (BC Healthy Living Alliance)

Poverty Damages attention and thinking &

Money the best prescription for health &
What Makes Us Sick (PDF in English)

BC’s Hardest Working (Poverty Reduction Coalition)

Inequality bad for most people and society (Equality Trust)
There is a wealth of info. Have a look at and

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