Photo of bread, cheese, and an egg

Stephanie Kallstrom, Day 1

So I’ve had a headache since I ate breakfast and it’s getting progressively worse. Breakfast sucked, I had a small egg, with cheese on some dry toast. Lunch was worse then breakfast, a cheese sandwich, with the same bread and cheese I had for breakfast. My body was craving nutrition so I ate my banana and guzzled some water.

It’s so hard to continue on with my day with this headache looming. I can only hope dinner will be better.

I’ve had about three pieces of Halloween candy that had been lingering in my office. I also took my supplements this morning, which I think was cheating (probably?) they were milk thistle and digestive enzymes. I was also going to fry my egg this morning, but I only have coconut oil or olive oil, both of which are more then $19 a bottle/container. Both of which I felt would be cheating, so I microwaved my egg. I was going to throw my cheese sandwich in the toaster oven at work, but was so hungry by 11:30am I just needed to eat it. It’s not even really hunger, it’s craving nutrition! I want leafy greens and a fruit salad.

So here we are at 6:45pm, my usual arrival home time after work and appointments and I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. I’m in my bed, in the dark, sipping on an organic fruit smoothie. Yes I know I cheated and I’m ashamed, really and truly ashamed. Honestly I didn’t think I’d make it without cheating over even the whole 7 days but I never thought I’d be cheating on day one.

Whether it was the food dye in the cheese or the lack of nutrients and food in my lunch and breakfast I feel like SHIT. Before I got into my bed I thought I was going to hurl, I took and extra strength Tylenol to attemp to cure my headache and it did nothing! I have been yawning since noon and I’m exhausted. I fell asleep at my after work appointment which never happens. Honestly I can’t tell you if I’m going to pick up again and try tomorrow… if I don’t I’ll donate $20 (rounded up from $19) for each day I’ve failed to First United’s food program. If this isn’t a reality check I don’t know what is. I’m feeling pretty damn grateful that I have the CHOICE to stop eating this way.

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