Susan Ladner

My name is Susan Ladner and I live in the Okanagan. Irsquo;m taking the challenge again this year because the reality of it all has appeared in my life under the guise of WorkSafeBC. Due to other than compassionate policies….if a citizen was just barely making a living wage, well, good luck in life. WCB doesn’t give a……… And since it’s another government agency that is making sure that the top and all bureaucrats are living in luxury while those below can starve for all they care. Irsquo;m in… almost whether I like it or not.

In 2015 WorkSafeBC had an excess of 4.5 Billion. 4.5 Billion!! With a B. I have found a place from which the BC Government can come up with funds to raise the rates!!! The CEO of WorkSafeBC doesnrsquo;t really need @ $400,000.00 per year, not when people canrsquo;t even nourish themselves. Itrsquo;s time that the B.C. Government stops farming poverty and starts to farm compassion.

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