Mable Elmore

Mable Elmore was re-elected in 2017 as the Member of the Legislative Assembly for Vancouver-Kensington. In her previous term, she served as the Spokesperson for Temporary Foreign Workers and Immigration and was the Deputy Spokesperson for Finance.

This is her third term as she was first elected in 2009 (and re-elected in 2013) — when she made history by becoming the first MLA of Filipino heritage.

Mable is passionate about building community engagement and connecting people around issues that matter to them. She has a long-standing record of public service, and has earned a great deal of respect for her hard work on many progressive causes. She’s been an active member in the peace movement, and has worked tirelessly on a wide range of migrant, immigrant, social justice and worker’s rights issues. And she’s dedicated to doing whatever she can to make the lives of people in her community – and across British Columbia – better.

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