Clint Johnston

Clint Johnston is the BC Teachers’ Federation’s Second Vice-President and has served in that position since July 2016. As well, I currently serve as one of the Vice-Presidents of the Canadian Teachers Federation. I hold a Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree and a Bachelor of Education degree, both from the University of British Columbia. I was born in Chilliwack and taught elementary children there for eight years.

Holly (my wife) and I have five children, all of whom are currently in the public education system. At home we eat organically as much as possible, and most of our meals are home-cooked by one or many of us. We have worked to instill a healthy understanding of food in terms of nutrition, health, and enjoyment. I include this information because it impacts how I see the Food Challenge and what understanding I may gain from it, since my food choices currently come from a place of privilege.

Twitter: @ClintJohnston7
Instagram: bctfjohnston

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