Nicole Yuen

Location: Richmond. To exist as a human being is to live a life filled with loss, tragedy, and heartache. It is an undeniable fact that life is incredibly difficult and complex, and that everyone – regardless of their socioeconomic status – experiences hardship during their time on earth. Perhaps a close family member passes away when you least expect them to. Perhaps years of foster care have left you aimless and confused. Perhaps you have fallen prey to a series of abusive relationships. Perhaps your family and friends think your mental illness is a joke. There are an infinite number of reasons (and good ones, at that) for why some people cannot work, or struggle to find a decent paying job, and need to collect welfare. To think that $19/week for food is helpful to a person in such circumstances, is absolutely absurd.

I have no doubts about the Welfare Food Challenge being difficult. And even if I can fare through one entire week, $19/week is clearly not sustainable in the long run. I am participating in the Welfare Food Challenge to as my way of confirming to the government: sometimes people are knocked down by unfortunate events, and offering them insufficient income assistance is rather unhelpful to getting them back onto their feet.

I invite you to read about my experience at the following link:

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