Salena Gao

Hi, my name is Salena! I live in Burnaby but work in Downtown Vancouver. I am very interested in the relationship that we all have with the world and also one another. How can we live happily while those who live down the street from us are unable to feed themselves? I am guilty of this.

Although the impoverished community in Vancouver troubles me when I think about it, I have not stepped outside of my comfort zone to try to help or get to understand the situation better. I hope that this challenge will bring me slightly closer to the reality of the marginalized community living in this city. A lot of my peers who are also in their 20s find it difficult to not dine out every day and I believe that the lack of appreciation for our money and food is a main issue. Everyday, we are bombarded with advertisements of cool new things to either eat or buy and our attention is being directed away from more important issues.

To be 100% honest, I did not know what I was getting myself into when I signed up for this challenge. At first, I thought that I had misread the website and that the budget was $19 A DAY!

I will be posting about my experience here:

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