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Rory Sutherland

Vancouver. I work at the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House, an organization with the right to access nutritious food in a dignified manner at the heart of its operating philosophy. Many of our neighbours have one or more serious health issues and compromised immune systems. The abysmally low income assistance rates mean that those most in need of high quality nutrition are unable to access it. Rents have skyrocketed which is clear from this year’s $18 calculation and it is impossible to eat well with this amount.

It’s absurd that this is allowed to go on in a wealthy province. The solution to this problem is not more charity – that has been tried for decades and it’s not working! We need to let our politicians know that this is unacceptable and not who we are. Raise the Rates is doing outstanding work to increase awareness and apply pressure for positive change and I’m happy to be able to support it by participating in this year’s Challenge.

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