Ilene Toth, Day 7

Reflections on the Welfare Food Challenge. Posted on on October 23, 2016. Yes it is Day 7 for the annual welfare food challenge. If you have been following me this week you will know that I took on this challenge for the second year. This year was different because I had my two youngest children (Tabatha 10 & Telohan 9) join me in the challenge.

What is this challenge about I have been asked. Well it is to bring attention that the current monthly amount that people on social assistance (welfare) are getting each month is ridiculous. $610.00 per month is apparently enough for someone to live on. This amount is supposed to pay for rent, phone, personal hygiene products and the remainder is for food. This rate has not changed in over 9 years, although the average rate for a Single Occupancy Room in Vancouver is $475, while the BC Government thinks the amount is around $379per month. There is no amount left over for someone to take a bus and look for a job. How can we expect one to get out of this cycle of poverty? How can this be OK? It is time to raise the rates and bring some dignity back to these individuals that could really use the boost. We must stop this ridiculous stigma about people on welfare. We all have a story and it is time the residents of British Columbia stand up to Christy Clark and the BC Government and demand a change ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

I have been blogging about our experience of this challenge this week and even though Tabatha, Telohan and I stopped the challenge at the end of day 5 we did not stop there….as part of our challenge we decided to take this a step further and this is what we did….

On a regular week we will spend about $150 for food for the 3 of us. The welfare food challenge was to try and live off $18 per person for the week. So that meant that we had $54.00 to spend. This meant that we were “saving” about $96 for this week. So today we went to purchase a whole load of baby food for the food bank and many cans of soup. It is the least we could do and was the right thing to do.

There is still more that needs to be done and I want to be part of the solution and I am going to continue to advocate for #raisetherates

Checkout our purchase for the food bank:

Photo of Ilene Toth and her kids.

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