DJ Larkin, Day 6

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I’m a lawyer. I have an obligation to respect the law and to uphold it. So stealing isn’t in my repertoire of survival strategies.
But today as I pondered how the local McDonald’s would feel about sharing some of their salt, pepper and ketchup with me I caught myself thinking “If I had to do this all the time I know that I’d steal food.” I even started to make a mental list of items. Cheese ranked highly.

We are living in a prosperous province, a place of beauty and potential – and we charge people with theft for stealing cheese. If my life had turned out differently – heck, if it turns out differently next week – that could be me.

There is no reason for anyone to go hungry in this province. And yet everyday children go to school hungry and parents risk arrest to steal food for their children.

We’ve gotten so used to trying to arrest poverty out of our communities that most of us don’t even notice anymore. It now seems normal to displace entire low-income communities, to use law enforcement to ban people living in poverty from our downtown cores, and to ticket people for panhandling or vending to make a couple of dollars.

We can’t ticket and arrest our way out of this mess. We need to raise income assistance rates and we need to do it now.
Raise the Rates BC

PS. The McDonald’s was out of ketchup.

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