Trina Moulin, Day 5

It’s Thursday evening, and I have a bit of energy left for an update. Honestly, I went into this week with the spirit of ‘mind over matter’. Last weekend, I felt as though I was about to embark on a challenge. I mean, other people have gone on diets before. Living for only one week on a limited amount of food couldn’t be that bad. Well, I soon learned that mind over matter doesn’t function so well when you’re hungry.

I soon became grateful for things that I don’t usually like or that I take for granted. Water. I couldn’t afford tea (the usual start to my day), so I’ve been drinking lots of hot water with a slice of lemon and cold water with a slice of orange. I had one orange and one lemon to last all week. But, each night, after a day of starchy rationed food, I’ve been cold and have had headaches. So, I’ve had warm baths. Thank goodness for good, clean water out of the tap!

Inspiring me to continue each day are the stories that friends and family have shared, stories that I hadn’t heard before. I realized that quite a few people that I know have experienced poverty and hunger, and not by choice. I can see in their faces when they share their memories with me that the experience was a painful one, one that they would not choose to repeat…even for a week. I am fortunate that this challenge is a choice. And, I know that I have benefitted from some things that I would not be able to if I were truly on welfare. Being a vegetarian, I have continued to take some vitamins and supplements. Well, time for some more water before bed. Two more days…

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