Photo of Chantille and Sebastian

Chantille & Sebastian

We are participating in the Welfare Food Challenge this week because people have a right to food that will keep them healthy and happy, and $18 dollars a week is not enough to do that. It is appalling to me that the government continues to have income assistance rates which keep people living in poverty. Poverty is a political choice and I hope that our participation will encourage people to be as angry as I am about this, and that they will make this a key issue for our province in the next provincial election.

We know this is a Challenge that cannot be won. Why doesn’t our government know this as well? Even Sebastian, at 5 years old, knows that this “isn’t fair, everybody should be able to have good food in their bellies”.

I work as the Director of Community Food Initiatives at Gordon Neighbourhood House, and Sebastian is in Kindergarten in the West End.

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